About the Company

The Borosil Group comprises two independent companies - Borosil Glass Works Ltd and Gujarat Borosil Ltd. Borosil Glass Works is the market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India. Their manufacturing facility, spread over 110 acres utilizes top of the line equipment from Germany and other Western European countries, and is located at a fully integrated campus in Bharuch, Gujarat.

Business areas of the company:

Borosil is the single largest manufacturer of the complete range of volumetric glassware in the country. Their volumetric products find usage in all laboratories from high-end pharmaceutical production to high schools and colleges.


• Scientific & Industrial products

BOROSIL’s  range of Laboratory Ware includes almost all items required in general lab usage. Our expertise in melting and forming low expansion, chemically inert borosilicate glass for over 40 years has made our products preferred globally.

• Consumer products

Borosil has been one of India’s most well-known and trusted brands for the last 58 years. Borosil International’s range of elegant and stylish heat resistant glassware is known and loved by generations of housewives.

• Solar Water Heater products

Solar Water Heaters are the most hassle-free and cost efficient way to harness solar energy for domestic and commercial applications. They can be used in any climate and the only fuel they need is sunlight.

• Low Iron Solar Glass products

Textured low iron glass is a soda lime glass in which the content of iron oxide is significantly lower than in normal flat glass. It has a distinctive, nearly colourless appearance particularly when seen from the edge.

• Lighting products

Borosil lighting range of products is used for a wide range of applications- general purpose lantern chimneys for petromax lanterns, well glasses, safety lamp chimneys, explosion and dust proof tubes for hazardous area lighting applications, high pressure mercury and sodium vapour lamps for street lighting, defusers and diopters, both symmetric and asymmetric, for airfield lighting.

Parent OrganizationBorosil Renewables Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1962NSE SymbolBORORENEW