About the Company

Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals established in 1985, is part of Cyano Group of Industries. The company is into manufacturing of drugs in area of anti-bacterial, analgesics/antipyretics, anti-malarial, anti-psychotics, anti asthmatic/bronchodilators, diuretics, tranquilizer/hypnotics, anti inflammatory, analgesic/antipyretics, anti inflammatory steroids and eye/ear drops

Its plant is located at Plot No. 8, Sector-IV Kheda Industrial Estate, Pithampur, Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh. The facility has received GMP certificate from Licensing Authority, Food & Drugs Administration, Department of Health and Government of Madhya Pradesh, India.

The manufacturing unit exports around 30 to 40% of their formulation directly or through merchant export to countries in own or neutral labels.

The shares of companies are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.

Company exports its products to countries namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, U.A.E, Rwanda, Monrovia, Republic of Yemen and Mauritius.

Parent OrganizationBiofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Managing DirectorRamesh Shah
Founded1985NSE SymbolBIOFILCHEM