About the Company

Bhageria Dye-Chem was incorporated in 1989 with an objective to serve the dyes and intermediates industry all over the globe. The main business of the company is manufacturing and sale of chemicals, dyes, dye intermediates required for dye manufacturers. It is also engaged in the export of related items.

The company commenced its operations by setting up a Vinyl Sulphone Plant at Vapi in Gujarat having a capacity of 540 tonnes per annum (TPA) which has now been expanded to 3,600 TPA. Subsequently it has gone for further expansion in other dyes intermediates and dyestuffs.

 The company successfully incorporates the innovative trends, total quality management and proficiency in work process through advanced research and analysis. Bhageria has made significant strides in the field of dye intermediates and other related products since its inception.

Bhageria Dye exports nearly 70% of its production to countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Germany, U.S.A and other European and African countries. Today Bhageria Dye Chem is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Intermediates and Dyes.

The company’s team of expert chemists and highly-efficient workman resorted to innovations, keeping in view the constant up gradations of quality and customer's demand, thus ensuring the product for optimal applications for a vast sphere of fields. Constant co-ordination with its customers has earned the reputation of customer-friendly company.

It has a well-organized research and development lab where continuous efforts have been made to produce new range of products and their processes. This department has been arduously working to provide value for money to the customers in keeping with market trends.

Each batch of production goes through strict quality checking in a move to provide its customers quality products and consistency.

Bhageria Dye-Chem aims to be the preffered, trusted and successful long term partner to its stake holders, clients, associates and employees

For this to happen the company plans to stay viable and relevant through practical innovation and continuous focus on efficient and consistent execution.

Business activities of the company:

  • Manufacturing and exporting of Dyes and intermediates.
  • Sourcing and exporting various pharmaceutical products (APIs and FFs).
  • Sourcing of various Bulk chemicals.

Product Range:

The company manufactures the below:

  • Pharmaceutical - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates and Pharmaceutical Packing Materials
  • Speciality Products - Chloroperoxybenzoic Acid. It is currently developing Benzophenone,  Meta chloro per benzoic Acid and 4 – Hydroxy Benzophenone.
  • Dye Stuff - Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes and Reactive Dyes
  • Pigments
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Dyes Intermediates
  • New products - Para base Ester , Ortho Anicidine Vinyl Sulphone, Para Crisidine Vinyl Sulphone (P.C.V.S), Vinyl Sulphone (Para Amino base) and Sulpho Vinyl Sulphone (Sulpho V.S). 
Parent OrganizationBhageria Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorVinod Bhageria
Founded1989NSE SymbolBHAGERIA