About the Company

Bhagiradha Chemicals & Industries (BCIL) incorporated in 1993 is based at Hyderabad, India. The company is into business of manufacturing high quality basic pesticides. It manufacturing unit is located at Ongole, Andhra Pradesh and capacity of 1800 TPA of Chlorpyrifos Technical.

The company enjoys the active participation and support of highly experienced scientists and technocrats and vital linkage to scientific community by its relationship with Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, a National Laboratory under the council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

The company exports 70% of its produce to countries like Australia, South Africa, China, Germany, Singapore, Spain, U.K. Belgium, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, etc.

Product range of the company includes:

  • Chlorpyrifos Ethyl Technical 98% min
  • High Purity Chlorpyrifos Ethyl Technical 99% min
  • Chlorpyrifos Methyl Technical 97% min
  • Clodinafop-Propargyl Technical 98% min
  • Triclopyr Butoxy Ethyl Ester Technical 98% min
  • Formulations such as Chlorpyrifos : 20% E.C, chlorpyrifos : 48% E.C, Chlorpyrifos : 40.8% E.C, Endosulfan : 35% E.C, Fenvalerate : 20% E.C., Ethion : 50% E.C., Dimethoate : 30% E.C., Dichlorvos : 76% E.C., Cypermethrin : 25% E.C., Cypermethrin : 10% E.C, Butachlor : 50% E.C., Alphamethrin : 10% E.C., 2,4-D, Ethyl Ester : 38% E.C., Monocrotophos : 36% S.L.,  Quinalphos : 25% E.C., Profenofos : 50% E.C. and Imidaclopride.

The company has set up R&D facilities within the factory premises which are equipped to develop processes for generics and to enhance process efficiency of existing operations.

The company has also generated authentic chemical and toxicological data for Chlorpyrifios Ethyl Technical, Chlorpyrifos Methyl Technical, Triclopyr Butoxy Ethyl Ester Technical, and formulations to facilitate registration of these products in the importing countries.

Parent OrganizationBhagiradha Chemicals & Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorS Chandra Sekhar
Founded1993NSE SymbolBHAGCHEM