About the Company

Beardsell Limited was incorporated on 1936. Formerly known as Mettur Beardsell Ltd. The company currently has 7 manufacturing units across India and branches in all the major cities. There are multi-disciplinary teams consisting of experienced professional managers, project engineers, production technologists and R&D personnel at its various branches. The company is in the business of manufacturing, selling and contracting activities and has the following division:

1) Insulation - Manufacture of expanded ploystrene and insulation and packaging material.

2) Marketing - Marketing of industrial equipment motors, chemicals, nylon, yarn electric motors, V-Belts etc.

3) Consultancy - providing technical consultancy services and technical assistance in resin finishing and other textile purchases.

4) Export - Export of fabrics to U.K. & U.S.A. Beer to France and Granites to Japan. Beardsell Satel Ltd and Baresell cable Belt Ltd are the subsidiaries of the company. In 1988, the accounting year was changed from June 30 to March 31.

Business Divisions

  • Pharma
  • Electronics
  • Specialty


2010 - Beardsell Limited has appointed Amrith Anumolu and V.J. Singh (Nominee of LIC) as Additional Directors with effect from August 12 2010 and the same was approved in the Board Meeting held on August 12 2010.


Parent OrganizationBeardsell Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1936NSE SymbolBEARDSELL