About the Company

Bannari Amman Spinning Mills was incorporated as Shiva Textiles (CBT) Limited on July 10, 1989 under the Companies Act, 1956 and changed name to “Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd.“ on October 11, 1991 and commenced its commercial operations in the year 1995

Since inception the company has evolved to be a leader in cotton yarn spinning in South India, Commanding a premium in the market for its products. As on March 31, 2007, it has two factories for yarn spinning housed in around 7.85 lakh square feet in Tamil Nadu with an installed capacity of more than 1,35,000 spindles. The spinning division is in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. The weaving division located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has an installation of 135 Sulzer projectile wider width Looms, in a working space of 2.2 lakh sq feet. The Company now also has a technical textile division comprising of coating, flocking and lamination units.

The Weaving Division- It specializes in manufacturing wider-width cotton fabric up to 140 inches in the 500 TC to 1000 TC (thread count) range. It has Sulzer projectile wider -width looms with the capability to weave across a range of fibers and counts in an economic manner. It produces with 2, 4 and 8 pick insertions, with maximum warp density of 110 ends/cm (280ends/inch) with warp counts upto 100s Ne. It had dobby looms also in wider width. Currently 35 looms have been specially modified for ultra fine count weaving. It also has 93 Jumbo looms capable of producing jointless fabric rolls in excess of 3000 metres in length. These looms are used mainly for industrial fabrics.

Lamination Division-Bannari has installation of a Gravure roll based moisture cured Poly Urethane lamination system. This unit can bond different types of fabrics together for advanced applications. PUR technology is used which is the most advanced lamination technology in the world and also is the technology of choice in the Western World. The unit has a capacity to laminate more than 300,000 metres of fabric per month upto a width of 1.9 metres.

The Company has installed four windmills of 1250 kilovolt-ampere (KVA) each totalling five megawatt (MW) in Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu and 14 windmills of 800 kilowatt (KW) capacity totaling 11.20 MW at Dharapuram Taluk, Erode District, Tamilnadu.

BASML exports cotton yarn to countries like Turkey, Egypt, Korea, Honkong, Singapore and Poland.

Product range:

  • Quick Dry - A bed protector for beds wherever babies and the elderly sleep. ie., waterproof, breathable, absorbent, soft, reusable, anti allergic, durable & more...
  • Allied Products
  • Reusable - Adult and baby diapers, Breathable & waterproofed, with biodegradable single use pads
  • Flock blankets Fluffiest, lightest, softest & warmest, blankets in the world, only manufacturer in SE Asia. Combed & Carded ring spun yarn from 6/s to 40/s count, hosiery yarn


  • Spinning Division is capable of producing more than 60 tonnes/day of Combed & Carded ring spun yarn from 6/s to 40/s count. Mainly hosiery yarn for knitting market.
  • Weaving Division - One of the quality Fabric producing facility in India having the capability to produce all kinds of woven fabrics in 100% cotton, in various thread counts (TC) ranging from 500 TC to 1000 TC, in wider width upto 140 inches,with warp counts upto 90s Ne, with 250 threads in 1 inches and weft counts upto 120s Ne, with 2, 4 and 8 pick insertions.
  • Wind Mill Division
Parent OrganizationBannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd.Managing DirectorS V Arumugam
Founded1989NSE SymbolBASML