About the Company

The Company was incorporated as Banka BioLoo Private Limited on August 31, 2012 under the Companies Act, 1956 with the Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad bearing Registration No. 082811. The status of their Company was changed to a public limited company and the name of their  Company was changed to Banka BioLoo Limited by a special resolution passed on November 13, 2017. A fresh Certificate of Incorporation consequent upon conversion was issued on November 15, 2017 by the Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad. Banka Bioloo Ltd (BBL) is focusing on giving sanitation solutions to those who do not have access to toilets as well as to those who have toilets but face trouble treating and managing waste. BBL aims to provide sanitation infrastructure and hygienic solutions for human waste treatment and disposal.

Banka BioLoo have installed over 6,000 bio-toilet units across India and currently undertake 12 O&M service contracts with Indian Railways. Their solutions can be used for many purposes like Household Bio-toilets, Mobile Bio-toilets, School Bio-toilet Blocks, Bio-toilets at worksites and Bio-digester Tanks for various user groups.

Business area of the Company:

BioLoo Limited provides sanitation infrastructure and human waste management solutions and services. They offers innovative and simple bio-digester technology patented by Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the R&D arm of the Indian Ministry of Defense. They manufactures, supplies, and installs bio-tanks for digestion of human waste. They also provide sanitation operations and maintenance (O&M) services to Indian Railways. The anaerobic bio-digester technology helps users manage waste onsite, without depending on expensive and energy-consuming sewage infrastructure. They are involved in the rental and AMC of mobile biotoilets; handling of low cost housing projects for sanitation requirement at rural area; sale of spares of control discharge toilet system to Indian Railways; and provision of consultancy services for development of large bio tanks, as well as waste water treatment and recycling solutions.

Key Events and Milestones:

  • April 2008: Banka Enterprises started as a sole proprietorship 2009-2011 Liaised with and supplied CDTS items to Railways, built base as a reliable vendor                                 
  • Jan 2012  :  Signed Transfer of Technology Agreement with DRDO for Bio-Digester Technology.
  • June 2012:  National launch by Union Minister Jairam Ramesh of 6 twin bio-toilet installations  in     Odisha.
  • Aug 2012 :  Bagged development order of Bio-retention tanks from Integral Coach Factory Aug 2012 Company Incorporation .
  • Sep 2012 :  Set up Steel Bio-tanks (for Railways) manufacturing unit in Hyderabad with imported machinery .
  • Feb 2013 :  Entered business take over agreement for acquisition of Banka Enterprises Mar 2013 Credit rating by NSIC - D&B –  SMERA Apr 2013 Received
  • May 2013:   Registered as an approved vendor for Bio-tanks & Contracts in Railways Sep 2013 Bagged 2-year annual service contract for CDTS from Eastern Railways, moving to a multi-year contract system.
  • Oct 2013 :   Received - Cartier Women’s Initiative Award in Paris, Namita selected the Asia-Pacific Laureate Oct 2013 Bagged order for 400 bio-retention tanks   from Integral Coach Factory.
  • Oct 2013 :   Changing Markets Awards, at IBF, Istanbul Nov 2013 Indian Merchants Chamber Inclusive Innovation Awards (among 5 finalists) Apr 2014 Entered North East India, Assam, installing bio-toilets in plantations .
  • Jul 2014  :   Invited to speak at Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on 'Sustainable, Appropriate and Cost Effective Sanitation in Rural Bihar' and to participate in Sustainable WaSH Forum in Netherlands .
  • Nov 2014 :  Completion of inoculum generation plant in Aler, 70 km from Hyderabad, on company's own land.
    Mar 2015 :  Forayed in school sanitation program, bagging a multi-state order from a cement major.
  • Apr 2015 :  Bagged a M 5 crore bio-toilets and borewell - handpumps order from a Maharatna PSU under CSR program of Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya
  • Jul 2015:    Began school sanitation program within a public company's CSR program, later it became a multiyear project Aug 2015 Set-up toilet super-structure manufacturing plant in Alwar .
  • Sep 2015 :  Selected one of 14 innovators supporting SDGs, of 838 global submissions, invited to present at Solutions Summit held at the UN, New York.
  •  Oct 2015 :  Invited to speak at Annual Women's Forum in France, Women's Forum for the Economy & Society.
  •  Apr 2016 :  Operations and maintenance of bio-toilets and CDTS in trains becomes a large business segment, with 10 contracts in progress
  •  Jun 2016:   Mr. Sanjay banka was elected as first Private Sector Steering Committee Member of Sanitation and Water for All, a multi-stakeholder Partnership
  •  Jun 2017:   Invited to Innovate 4 Water, WIPO, Waterpreneurs, Watervent, held in Switzerland Jul 2017 Invited to Speak at UN HLPF SDG Business Forum, organized by ICC, UNGC, UNDESA, held in NY, USA .
  • Aug 2017 :  Began Railways' O&M contract in Guwahati, time to re-focus on North-East India, with pilot biotoilets in Arunachal Pradesh .
  • Sep 2017 :  Bagged single largest 1-year O&M contract from Railways .
Parent OrganizationBanka Bioloo Ltd.Managing DirectorNamita Banka
Founded2012NSE SymbolBANKA