About the Company

Bannari Amman Sugars incorporated in 1983, is engaged in the manufacturing of sugar, generation of power through co-generation, production of industrial alcohol and granite products. The company is a part of conglomerate Bannari Amman Group.

Business area of the company

The company is engaged in manufacturing crystal sugar, generating power, manufacturing alcohol and producing granite products. The company has five sugar factories and two distillery units. Besides the company has Agrinatural fertilizer and Granite processing units. Also, the company has Seven Wind Mills.

Business segments

  • Sugar
  • Power
  • Alcohol


  • 1983: Incorporation on December 1, 1983.
  • 1985: Goes public with the promise of increasing shareholder value.
  • 1985: The issue was oversubscribed by several times.
  • 1986: Installed a Sugar Factory (Unit–I) at Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu with a crushing capacity of 1250 TCD.
  • 1986: Created a record with a continuous cane crush for 507 days from the date of maiden cane crush.
  • 1990: The company has established a 100% EOU of Granite Processing Unit adjacent to Unit- I.
  • 1992: Installed another Sugar Factory (Unit-II) at Nanjangud, Karnataka with a Crushing capacity of 2500 TCD.
  • 1995: Took over a Distillery Unit situated at Sinnapuliyur Tamilnadu.
  • 1997: Established a Bio-Compost Unit (Organic Manure) in Tamil Nadu.
  • 1997: Expanded crushing capacity of Unit - I from 1250 TCD to 2500 TCD.
  • 2000: Expanded crushing capacity of Unit- II from 2500 TCD to 5000 TCD.
  • 2000: Established a 16MW Cogeneration Plant in Unit - II.
  • 2002: Expanded crushing capacity of Unit - I from 2500 TCD to 4000 TCD.
  • 2002: Established 20MW Co-generation Plant in Unit - I.
  • 2003: Established a Distillery in Unit - II with a capacity of 60 Kilo Liters of spirit per day.
  • 2003: Established a (Organic Manure) Bio-Compost Yard in Unit - II.
  • 2004: Expanded crushing capacity of Unit - II from 5000 TCD to 7500 TCD.
  • 2004: Additional 20 MW Co-gen Plant was established in Unit - II.
  • 2005: Installed 7 Wind Turbine Generators with aggregate capacity of 8.75MW in Tamil Nadu.
  • 2007: Acquired a sugar factory - Unit- III at Kollegal having capacity of 2500 TCD.
  • 2010: Established a sugar factory (Unit-IV) at Thiruvannamalai with a capacity of 5000 TCD.
  • 2010: Established a Cogeneration Plant with a capacity of 28.8MW power in Unit - IV.
  • 2014: Expanded crushing capacity of Unit - III from 2500 TCD to 3600 TCD.
  • 2014: Established 20MW Cogeneration Plant in Unit - III.
  • 2016: Took over a sugar factory (Unit-V) at Thirukovilur with a capacity of 3600 TCD and a Co-generation Plant of 25MW.
  • 2019: Installed 5 kW solar panel in the new bio-lab.
  • 2022: New Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panels were installed in the sugar and co-generation plant in sugar unit at Kolundampattu Village (Unit-IV).
Parent OrganizationBannari Amman Sugars Ltd.Managing DirectorB Saravanan
Founded1983NSE SymbolBANARISUG