About the Company

Axis Inc, incorporated in 1987 is based in Peoria, Illinois, with development centres in North America, Europe and Asia. The company's clients include several Fortune 50 companies in the aerospace, aviation, automotive, manufacturing, military, semiconductor and medical industries. Axis Inc. offers comprehensive engineering services in mechanical, manufacturing and embedded electronics engineering.  With its teams of talented, dedicated, and innovative engineers, Axis Inc provides its clients with cost-efficient, cutting-edge solutions and quality without compromise.

The Axis processes and procedures apply ISO 9001 methodology, certified SEI CMMI Level 3.  Axis is licensed to design, develop and manufacture defense and aerospace hardware and software.

Axis is also listed on the Indian National Stock Exchange.

Since Axis IT&T became a part of Jupiter Strategic Technology, it has grown even stronger, extending its services beyond mechanical and manufacturing engineering to include electrical and electronics, aviation, media, and entertainment. It has a strong force of more than 2500 engineers located over the globe, serving diverse industries, with specialized teams that work on-site or offshore to cater to the specific requirements of clients.

Autonomous teams are delegated and dedicated to each customer in each case, able to run operations and empowered to take strategic decisions to ensure smooth coordination. Axis has 12 development centres in the US, Europe and Asia. Axis incorporates the onsite-offshore model to provide effective cost saving to customers across diverse industries.


• 1984 - Creation of Microcon, pioneer in Embedded Electronics Systems & Services

• 1987 - Incorporation of Axis Inc, mechanical engineering and services provider, in North America

• 1988 - Axis expands its services to Asia and then to Europe  

• 2005 - Microcon merges with Jupiter Strategic Technology (JST) 

• 2007 - Axis merges with JST

• 2009 - JST acquires RF & Microware Corporation. Name changed to Axis Aerospace & Technology. Axis Aerospace & Technology acquires CADES, specialists in product design and engineering services


1. Mechanical Engineering

• Product Design - Axis offers a solution-based approach from concept development to validation at the product design phase. Its comprehensive New Product Development service covers the entire spectrum of activities.

• Design Support - Axis teams have rich niche skills to cater to clients' requirements. They provide comprehensive 3D modeling and Computer Aided Design (CAD) services.

• Design Validation - Axis has dedicated and able teams of engineers working in the field of Computer-Aided Engineering which are able to provide clients with various analysis of solutions available and the appropriate test support.

• Reverse Engineering - The Axis team has wide experience with reverse engineering for heavy equipment and engineering industries. Axis has a proven methodology and process for reverse engineering that has received accolades from its clients. The company is capable of carrying out reverse engineering projects ranging from measure & model to scan & model to design modification.

• Customization & PLM - The Engineering Customization & PLM teams at Axis have a unique mix of domain expertise, CAD, and Information Technology (IT) programming experience, and include process consultants, solution architects, project managers, technical developers, database administrators, and integration specialists.

• Skills & Tools - Axis' engineers are trained in, and have access to the latest versions of all major CAD & Analysis software.

2. Manufacturing Engineering

• Virtual Manufacturing - Axis' digital manufacturing services are categorized into two phases - the Design Phase and the Validation Phase.

• Supply Chain Management - Axis offers capacity optimization through various lean concepts like value stream mapping, cycle time reduction, and inventory reduction, through-put time reduction, physical flow improvement, Kan-ban, and layout redesign if required.

• Quality Documentation - Axis manufacturing services provides valuable documentation support during the design, development and validation processes of APQP, and also during the production phase for feedback, assessment of processes and implementation of corrective actions for identified quality issues.

3. Electrical & Electronics

• Hardware Engineering - Axis has over 4500 man-hours of expertise in Analog, Digital, Passive and Active RF components and circuits hardware engineering.

• Digital Signal Processing - Axis commenced its electronics services in 1984 by developing data acquisition systems for aerospace clients. Thus, data acquisition systems and Digital Signal Processing are among the fundamental services that Axis has pioneered for the past 25 years.

• Software Engineering - Axis services and capabilities in embedded electronics consist of Real-time Operating System (RTOS) device driver development and open system Operating System customization. Axis has developed device drivers for peripherals under various RTOS such as RTLinux, WindRiver, QNX RTOS, VxWorks, LynxOS, Windows Embedded CE, Nucleus, etc.

• Modeling & Simulation – Axis offers model development services consisting of embedded system conceptualization and simulation, using the latest tools and technology.

• Verification & Validation – Axis' rigid quality control processes ensure that products or systems meet the system specifications for their intended purpose. This rigid testing procedure, applied internally by Axis, is also proposed as a services to clients for their embedded electronics department.

• Industry & Tools

4. Software Engineering

• IVR Development - Axis has a great deal of experience in developing IVR systems. The Axis teams are well-versed in designing IVR dialogs and dialog flows both for Touchtone (DTMF) and Speech Recognition (ASR) systems. They have delivered multi-language systems with Text To Speech (TTS) integration and have worked with third party speaker verification software to implement multifactor authentication solutions.

• Java Development - The Axis Java teams have extensive experience in a wide range of technologies from the Java ecosystem and work on state-of-the-art applications such as IP Contact Centre, Voice Portals and Biometric Systems for applications such as Attendance Monitoring.   

• Testing & QA - To fully complete the software development process, Axis has an independent product testing team which handles software validation and quality assurance. Most of the testing concerns complex products and Axis strongly encourages developing testing skills and domain knowledge among its test engineers. The Axis domains of expertise are: Banking, Contact Center Applications and Telecom.

• Skills and Projects - Axis provides its employees with a challenging work environment where enthusiastic professionals get a chance to enhance their skills, gain valuable experience and take on new responsibilities to grow into well-rounded software professionals.

• Development Centre - Its software development centre is located just outside India's capital -- New Delhi -- in Gurgaon, which is about 20 minutes drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Parent OrganizationAxiscades Technologies Ltd.Managing DirectorArun Krishnamurthi
Founded1990NSE SymbolAXISCADES