About the Company

AVT Natural Products Limited is a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of plant extracts and natural ingredient solutions for the food, beverage, animal nutrition and nutraceutical industries of the world.

With a 25+ year legacy of plant cultivation and production of innovative natural ingredients AVT is trusted by some of the leading food, cosmetics, and feed companies globally.

AVT Natural is part of the A.V. Thomas Group, a diversified, family-owned group of companies with interests in Plantations, Spices, Natural Ingredients, Consumer products, Leather goods, and Medical Devices. The company’s passion for new initiatives, commitment to quality, and emphasis on sustainable business practices has enabled it to create world-class businesses and emerge as leaders in its chosen areas.

The Company has 2 wholly owned subsidiaries, namely AVT Natural Europe Ltd. & AVT Natural S.A. De C.v., Mexico. AVT Natural Europe Ltd. has 2 subsidiaries, AVT Tea Services North America LLC and AVT Natural North America Inc. (incorporated on March 26, 2020).

The wholly owned subsidiaries are responsible for the sales and marketing activities of value-added teas, animal nutrition products and other natural extracts.

Business area of the company

The company is engaged in the production, trading and distribution of Oleoresins and value added Teas. The company has its production facilities in India and exports most of its products.

Business segments

Animal Nutrition and Health: The company creates and produces science-based, integrated botanical solutions to address the complex challenges in animal production. The AVT Natural solutions for animals contain full-spectrum botanicals and are more stable and bioavailable than pure synthetic actives.

Human Nutrition and Health: The company offers a variety of nutraceutical and functional extracts composed of high-quality active ingredients that have known health benefits. These extracts are precisely designed for use in Traditional Medicine, a centuries-old practice based on the use of plant botanicals for prevention of disease which is used by over 80% of the world as the primary form of health management.

Food and Beverage: The company’s range of natural, plant-based ingredients provides its customers with sustainable ingredient solutions for their food and beverage requirements.

Natural Flavors & Seasoning Blends: High-quality natural flavors are essential in the processed food industry. It offers a range of natural, clean-label solutions that capture distinctive flavor notes for the food and seasoning industries.

Value-added Tea: The company offers a wide range of customized tea extracts to service the global RTD beverage and premix markets. Products and services include blends for hot or cold beverages; green and black tea blends.  It also offers de-caffeinated blends and conduct in-house purification and isolation of caffeine.

Parent OrganizationAVT Natural Products Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1986NSE SymbolAVTNPL