About the Company

Atul Auto, an Atul group company was originally incorporated as a Atul Auto (Jamnagar) Pvt. Ltd on June 18, 1986 under the Companies Act,1956, in the State of Maharashtra. Late Mr. Jagjivanbhai Karsanbhai Chandra was the founder of the company, having started the company with a small capital of only Two thousand Rupees in 1986, today it has achieved a turnover of Rs 168 crore. The Name of the Company was changed from Atul Auto (Jamnagar) Pvt. Ltd. to Atul Auto Pvt. Ltd. August 12, 1994.  The Company was subsequently converted into Public Limited Company and fresh certificate of incorporation was obtained on August 12, 1994 from the Registrar of the Companies, Gujarat.

The Company is the leading manufacturers of 3-Wheeled Commercial Vehicles in the state of Gujarat, presently engaged in the manufacture of Three Wheelers like 6-seater Auto Rickshaws, Pick-Up Vans and Chassis of Passenger Vehicles. These vehicles are marketed under the brand name of KHUSHBU, which is well established and very popular.

Atul Auto pioneered motorized rural transport in Gujarat, with multi purpose vehicle called the Khushbu.  The Khushbu has been instrumental in transforming the economy of Gujarat by bridging the rural-urban divide.  Over 1,50,000 Khushbu brand vehicles are ply on the roads of Gujarat. 

For more than two decades, ATUL GROUP is renowned as leading manufacturer of three-wheeled commercial vehicles in the state of Gujarat. From common people’s favorite vehicle CHHAKADA to today’s SHAKTI Atul Group had come a long way.

Back in the 1970’s, when transportation was a crucial problem especially in rural areas, Jagjivanbhai Karsanbhai Chandra decided to blaze a new trail. He was thinking of an affordable mode of transportation which can benefit rural folks of Saurashtra. The road conditions were not good but the need for transportation was increasing day in and day out. After thorough research and planning, he came up with a vehicle which was skillfully engineered from a motorcycle. And this is how the first 'chhakada' was developed which later became a way of life for the people of Saurashtra.  The improvements in technologies were done from time to time to make it a sturdy and comfortable vehicle. The company will set up a second plant in the next two years. Currently Atul Auto dishes out 16 models of its vehicles from its only factory in Rajkot which produces 24000 units per year.

The company has already obtained CMVR and Roadworthiness Certificates for the existing range of products viz. Chassis for goods carriage/ 6-passenger Auto Rickshaw with steering wheel and Pick Up.

In 2011 the company formed a JV with Rudolf GmbH (Germany)2012-2013 marked many achievements for the company- Establishment of tissue cultured date palm production facility in Jodhpur for the first time in India- Commissioning of the world biggest p-Cresol facility in Ankleshwar- Establishment of 22,000 square feet R&D facility to grow APIs and API Inters business- Upgradation of environment facilities at Valsad Complex (in 3 sites)'

2011 - Atul Auto - A new tie up with Atul Autos Bangladesh Ltd, Uttara, Bangladesh
2012 CNBC Award to Atul Auto Ltd.
        Company has entered into a Long Term Supply Agreement with Greaves Cotton Limited for supply of diesel engines for Company's three wheelers.

Products of the company:

Goods Carriers

  • Pickup Van Standard
  • Delivery Van
  • Pickup Van Highdeck
  • Pickup Van  Standard CNG
  • Delivery Van CNG
  • Pickup Van  Highdeck CNG
  • GEM Cargo / Cargo XL

Passenger Carriers

  • 3+1 Passenger Carriers
  • 4+1 Passenger Carriers
  • 6+1 Passenger Carriers
  • CNG Passenger
  • LPG Passenger
  • Rear Engine Passenger
  • GEM Paxx

Special Purpose Vehicle

  • Chicken Carrier
  • Tipper
  • Water Tank Carrier
  • Soft Drink Carrier
  • Mobile Shop
  • Hopper
  • Bio Hazard
  • Vegetable Vending

Other group companies-

  • Atul Motors Pvt. Ltd. -- Marketing of Maruti Range of Cars & 4-Wheelers
  • Atul Auto Agencies -- Distributors of Honda 2-Wheelers
  • Atul Automotives -- Distributors of Mahindra LCVs
  • Atul Petroleums  -- Dealing in Petroleum Fuels & Products
  • Atul Tele Services -- Mobile and Tele Communication Services
  • Atul Rachna Pvt. Ltd. -- Real Estate Developers & Builders
  • Atul Auto Batteries Pvt. Ltd. -- Batery Manufacturer
  • Khushbu Auto Finance Ltd.  --Auto Finance Company
  • Khushbu Auto Pvt. Ltd. -- Centralised Marketing Organisation
  • New Chandra Motor Cycle House --Distributors of LML Vespa Scooter, Royal Enfield Motor Cycles, etc.

Parent OrganizationAtul Auto Ltd.Managing DirectorNeeraj J Chandra
Founded1986NSE SymbolATULAUTO