About the Company

Arrow Coated Products incorporated on 30th October 1992, is a customer centric company and provides solutions that serve the need of society leading to enhanced stakeholder value.

The company has branch offices located at Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Its manufacturing unit is located at Ankleshwar and Surat. Arrow’s manufacturing unit at Ankleshwar is engaged in manufacturing of Biodegradable water-soluble film, Security Thread.

It is only manufacturer of water soluble films in India, (world wide only three including arrow) preferred providers of innovative eco-friendly solutions.

It has worldwide distribution network including USA, Switzerland, Germany, Srilanka, Thailand, Singapore, U.A.E, etc.

The company operates subsidiaries namely Avery Bio-Degradable Products, Nagra Id Arrow Secure Cards and SP- Arrow Bioplast.

The company was listed in Bombay Stock Exchange with IPO size of Rs 4.48 crores. The company won India Star Packaging Award in 2000 from Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) and has also been nominated for World Star Packaging Award for Water Soluble Bags.


  • Circles for Toilet Blocks Packaging
  • Water Soluble Soap Strips
  • Embedded Film with Active Ingredients
  • Flavoured Film
  • Security Film
  • Multilayered Film
  • Disinfectant Laundry Bags
  • Medicated Film
  • Arrow Capsule Packs


  • 1960- Arrow Coated Products started production of water based packaging tapes.
  • 1963- The company commenced production of textile wrappers using water based inks.
  • 1974- It acquired 1st polytype Swiss coater.
  • 1979- The company started water based eco friendly PSA materials.
  • 1984- Arrow conducted trials of kraft paper silicon liners - eco-friendly.
  • 1990-The company started 1st trial run of WSF in a lab scale plant.
  • 2000-Arrow won India Star Award for WSF bags.
  • 2005- The company formed joint venture with Nagra ID for RFID & Smart Card technology and with Stanelco & Adept for Blown WSF.
  • 2006-Arrow entered into joint venture with Sphere, France for manufacturing of Bio-C film.
Parent OrganizationArrow Greentech Ltd.Managing DirectorShilpan P Patel
Founded1992NSE SymbolARROWGREEN