About the Company

Arman Financial Services is a category A non-banking finance company was originally incorporated on 26th November, 1992 as an erstwhile Arman Lease & Finance Ltd. The company is a public limited listed company. The registered office of the company is located 502-503, Sakar III, Opposite Old High Court, Ahmedabad-380014, Gujarat.

The main objects of the company consist of providing a wide spectrum of financial services both Fund based and Non Fund Based activities which includes term loans, collateral free credit, other forms of credits, thrift and savings and insurance. Arman also plans to render financial services to people by acting as intermediary for banks and financial institutions in the cities, towns, villages of India. The company provides loans for two wheelers, used cars, rickshaws and personal loans. It provides a wide spectrum of financial services like lease/hire purchase, hypothecation, bill discounting, investment in primary and secondary market, merchant banking, portfolio management, loan syndication and loans for education, marriage, travel, and other services.

Arman has rich experience in two and three wheeler segment with all it’s clientele based in Ahmedabad. The company has a database of 20,000 clients with proven credit worthiness which is advantageous for a personal loan or a repeat vehicle loan. The Company was originally rated by ICRA, the noted rating agency and it was assigned credit rating of `7’ which was indicative of safe borrowing from the Bank.

The company has been rated 4 different times by noted rating agency called M-Cril and company has each time received Alpha Minus which is an investment grade. The last time in March 2009 the company received even Alpha for its financial performance.

Parent OrganizationArman Financial Services Ltd.Managing DirectorJayendra B Patel
Founded1992NSE SymbolARMANFIN