About the Company

Arihant Capital Markets was incorporated on June 25, 1992.It has its registered office located at Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The company has presence in 110 cities with over 620 offices across the nation. Clients turn to Arihant for its complete platform of financial services combined with excellent execution. It caters to mutual fund houses, insurance companies and almost all the banks active in the capital market segment.

Business area of the Company:-

Arihant Capital Markets is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. It is one of the leading financial services companies in India. The company provides a gamut of products and services including securities and commodities broking, investment planning, financial planning, wealth management and merchant banking to a substantial and diversified clientele that includes individuals, corporations and financial institutions.

Services offered:-

Arihant has developed a diverse and robust portfolio of financial services to help its customers manage their money in the way that benefits them the most. They are as follows:-

  • 1) Broking Services include equity broking, derivative broking, and commodities broking
  • 2) Distribution Services include both mutual fund and Initial public offering (IPO)
  • 3) Depository Srvices include both shares and commodities
  • 4) Wealth Management Service include Advisory service, portfolio management service
  • 5) Research Service are covered for equity and derivatives, mutual fund and IPO
  • 6) Merchant banking and investment banking services include capital market services, coporarte service and strategic service
Parent OrganizationArihant Capital Markets Ltd.Managing DirectorAshok Kumar Jain
Founded1992NSE SymbolARIHANTCAP