About the Company

Apex Frozen Foods Limited (AFFL) was originally formed as partnership firm constituted under the Partnership Act, 1932 (Partnership Act) in the name of Apex Exports, pursuant to a deed of partnership dated October 24, 1995. Apex Exports was thereafter converted from a partnership firm into a private limited company under Part IX of the Companies Act, 1956, with the name ‘Apex Frozen Foods Private Limited’ and received a certificate of incorporation from Registrar of Companies, Andhra Pradesh on March 30, 2012. Subsequently, the Company was converted into a public limited company with the name ‘Apex Frozen Foods limited’ and a fresh certificate of incorporation was granted by the Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad on November 29, 2016.

Business area of the Company

AFFL is in the business to produce and exports aquaculture products. They supply their products to food companies, retail chains, restaurants, club stores and distributors. Apex produces two kinds of shrimps namely the Whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) and the Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon). They have operations in the United States, United Kingdom and various European countries. Company's output majorly comprises of variants of processed Vannamei shrimp (White shrimp) and is sold under the brands namely Bay fresh, Bay Harvest and BayPremium.

Major events, milestones, achievement and awards:

  • 1995: Commenced business operations by formation of a partnership firm under the name ‘Apex Exports’
  • 2004: Setting up of processing facility at Kakinada
  • 2004: Commencement of exports to US markets
  • 2006: Commencement of exports to European Market
  • 2006: Received approval from Export Inspection Counsel of India for export to all countries including EU
  • 2007: Received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point for shrimp processing by SGS India Private Limited
  • 2007: Received Certification for Global Standard for Food Safety for Shrimp processing by SGS United Kingdom
  • 2008: Received ‘Best Acquaculture Practices’ certificate from Accreditation Committee of Acquaculture Certification Counsel Inc.
  • 2012: Conversion of partnership firm into private limited under the name ‘Apex Frozen Foods Private Limited’
  • 2013: Exhibiting its products in Seafood Expo Global held in Bruseels
  • 2014: Commenced work for setting up of additional pre processing facilities at Tallarevu
  • 2014: Commenced In-house farming operations for shrimp cultivation.
  • 2015: Company has received a certificate of recognition- three star export house from Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Visakhapatnam, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
  • 2016: Company was converted from private limited company to public company
  • 2016: Setting up of a pre-processing unit at Tallarevu for meeting additional demands
  • 2017: Farming of shrimp in over 1000 acres of land comprising of owned and leased basis.
Parent OrganizationApex Frozen Foods Ltd.Managing DirectorK Subrahmanya Chowdary
Founded2012NSE SymbolAPEX