About the Company

Allsec Technologies was incorporated on August 24 1998 as a limited company under the Companies Act 1956. The Allsec head office and registered office is located at Chennai, India

The company is engaged in the business of providing IT enabled services. The services provided by the company include data verification processing of orders received through telephone calls, telemarketing monitoring quality of calls of other call centers customer services and HR and payroll processing for domestic companies. The company has also invested in a wholly-owned subsidiary in USA for the purpose of carrying out marketing activities for the company.

Allsec Technologies Limited is a BPO with multiple delivery centers in India and Philippines, supporting a global clientele. It offers voice and non- voice services with world class back office acumen. The company  has domestic service delivery facilities in over ten locations within India. The total capacity is over 4,000 seats across all locations. Allsec is a premier provider of client services support, technical support, quality assurance, sales, collections, customer satisfaction, payroll solutions, web development services and e-mail & chat support.

Activities of the company:

  • To design, develop, market and implement computer software packages for clients in India and abroad and to acquire the necessary equipments -- hardware and software and related know-how locally or from overseas.
  • To offer and undertake professional services in India and abroad in the areas of management computer and information technology and communication services, database services, internet and intranet services including consultancy system study and analysis recruitment training placements information processing maintenance and ail other services arising out of technological advancements in these areas.
  • To buy, sell, market, lease or deal in all manner computer hardware, software, peripherals, communication equipments, computer accessories, training materials, components, spare parts and other electronic items in India and abroad including internet and intranet systems satellites and the like and such other products arising out of technological advancements in these areas.
  • To engage in research and development activities relating to management, computer and information technology areas.

Services offered:

  • Banking, financial services, and insurance -- for acquisition, retention, and collection
  • Collections -- for account payables & receivables
  • Technical Support -- for sign-up & troubleshooting services
  • Student Loan Consolidation
  • Payroll processing & Claims Management
  • Quality Assurance - provides quality assurance of voice and email service across multiple business segments

Milestones Reached:

  • August 1998 - Incorporation of the company
  • February-July 2000 - Setting up of 100 seat facility at R A Puram, Chennai.
  • September 2000 - First round of venture capital funding from IDBI
  • September 2000 - Incorporation of Allsec Tech Inc, a 100% owned subsidiary in USA
  • November 2000 - Contracted with first client
  • January 2001 - Commercial outsourcing operation started at R A Puram facility
  • February 2001 - Entered into outsourcing contract with CompuCredit
  • March 2001-  Onwards started operation for CompuCredit processes
  • August 2001 - Setting up of TNPL facility
  • October 2001 onwards - Commencement of processes in TNPL facility
  • March 2002 - Second round of funding
  • March-August 2002 - Expansion of R A Puram facility from 100 seats to 150 seats completed and facility was operational immediately
  • April 2002 - Setting up of 400 seats at Velachery Chennai.
  • September 2002 onwards - Commencement of quality assurance pilot process for a Fortune 100 PC manufacturing company.
  • January 2003 - Ramp up of quality assurance process
  • January 2003 - Received ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • November 2003 - Strategic alliance with CompuCredit
  • December 2003 - HR payroll processing for a global IT consulting company India
  • March 2004 - First technical support process started
  • January 2005 - Revised strategic agreement with CompuCredit.
  • 2005 - Allsec Technologies acquires Bangalore-based B2K Corporation
Parent OrganizationAllsec Technologies Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1998NSE SymbolALLSEC