About the Company

Aksh Optifibre Limited, an ISO 9002 company certified by US-based Underwriters Laboratories Inc, was incorporated in the year 1986 as private limited company. It was converted into a public limited company on March 13, 1994.

The company is engaged in the production of a variety of cables such as:

  • SingleMode & MultiMode Cables
  • Duct Cables
  • Armoured & Aerial Cables, Indoor
  • Outdoor Cables
  • The company has also the facilities of producing ribbon Fibre Optic

Aksh Optifibre diversified into the manufacture of Optic Fibre Cables in September 1994, by setting up a plant amidst pastoral environment at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan that is at a distance of about 70 km from New Delhi. The project was set up with a state-of-the-art computerized machinery supplied by the Rosendahl (Austria), an affiliate of Alcatel under their guarantee for producing cables of highest quality with annual capacity of 6500 CKM. 

In order to protect itself from raw material shortages, Aksh, in 1995, set up a 150,000 fibre kilometre (fkm) facility for manufacture of optical fibres from quartz 'Preforms'. Nokia of Finland supplied the equipment. This was the first stage of backward integration for Aksh. With this set-up Aksh was among the first companies in India to set up its own fibre optic-manufacturing units.In 1999- 2000 it changed focus to exclusively manufacturing optic fibre and optic fibre cables and hived off the copper division and acquired CMI Ltd.'s Optic Fibre division, a move that enhanced its capacities from 33,222 ckm in '98-99 to 50,358 ckm.

Aksh has two plants at Bhiwadi and one at Jaitpura, Rajasthan manufacturing FRP rods, with capacity of I.2 lac. Aksh has also recently commissioned a fibre tower and has increased capacity of FRP manufacturing, from 1.2 lac to 3 lac km per annum, at Ringus. Both the plants at Bhiwadi are ISO-9002 certified by Underwriters Laboratories for manufacture of premises cable .

Currently Aksh has an in-house capacity to manufacture 150,000 fkm. This has been increased by 6,50,000 fkm by commissioning of the 1st tower under the old project.

Aksh raised Rs 358.10 million through a public issue in August 2000, to finance the expansion of optic fibre capacity from 150,000 fkm to 1.45 million fkm per annum; optic fibre cables from 50,358 ckm to 81,000 ckm; and for creating capacity to manufacture preforms for 1.08 million fkm per annum.

Milestone \ Achievements

  • 1986 : Incorporated as a Private Limited Company
  • 1994 : Converted into a Public Limited Company
  • 1994 : Diversified into the manufacture of Optic Fibre Cables (OFC) by setting up a plant at Bhiwadi (Plant-I). Annual capacity - 6500 Cable Kilometers (CKM).
  • 1995 : Integrated backwards into manufacture of Optical Fibre with Annual capacity of 150,000 Fibre Kilometres (FKM).
  • 1998 : ISO 9002 accreditation by United Laboratories (UL), USA.
  • 1999 : Turnover OFC manufacturing capacity to 33,000 CKM
  • 1999 : Took over the Optical Fibre Cable plant of CMI Ltd., Plant-II, Capacity increased to 50,000 CKM.
  • 2000 : Came out with an IPO and got listed on BSE, NSE and JSE.
  • 2000 : Merged Telecords (India) Private Limited manufacture of FRP rods with Plant at JaitPura (Plant-IV).
  • 2001 : Enhanced the production capacity of Fibre to 1.45 million FKM, by commissioning a dual Fibre Drawing Tower
  • 2001 : Started a plant for Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) rods at Ringus (Plant-III) with capacity of 0.3 million KM.
  • 2002 : Increased capacity at Ringus plant to 0.8 million KMs
  • 2003 : Added capability to manufacture Ribbon cable and special access cable
  • 2009 : Aksh Optifibre Ltd Successful renewal of ISO 9001:2008 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). - Aksh Optifibre Ltd Became member of FTTH council.
  • 2012 : Aksh Optifibre Ltd merger with Aksh Technologies Ltd.

Other developments

Recently Aksh has taken a step further for backward integration by merger with Telecords (I) Pvt. Ltd. for the manufacture of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) rods. AKSH produces variety of cables such as SingleMode & MultiMode Cables, Duct Cables, Armoured & Aerial Cables, Indoor & Outdoor Cables. The Company has also the facilities or producing ribbon Fibre Optic Cables.

Aksh has recently developed a new cost-effective concept called 'Fibre-to-Home', through which they expect to revolutionise the IT and telecom industry completely. It's a concept that would bring wireless Voice, Audio, Video and Internet direct to home.

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