About the Company

Shivalik Rasayan (SRL), established in 1981, is a manufacturer of organophosphorous based insecticides and chemicals. At present company is debt free company managing its affair from internal accrual. The company has a long established reputation as a reliable and accepted supplier of quality products around the globe that endorses their commitment towards quality. SRL’s manufacturing facilities are based in Dehradun, Uttaranchal on 21 acres land. The installed capacity of the facility is more than 1000 Metric Tons per year. The company uses the latest technology available in Agro Chemical along with the ultra modern techniques to control pollution for eco friendly environment.

Business area of the company

Shivalik is largest producer of Dimethoate Technical and Second largest producer of Malathion Technical in India having a capacity exceeding 1000 MT per year. The products of Shivalik are well established in Indian as well as foreign markets.


Malathion Technical: Malathion is a non-systemic, wide spectrum organ phosphorous (OP) based contact insecticide. It is used in the agricultural production of a wide variety of food/feed crops. It control insects such as aphids, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, spider mites, scale insects, housefly & mosquitoes as well as large number of other sucking and chewing insects attacking fruits, vegetables, ornamentals & stored products, mosquito control in public health programme.

Dimethoate Technical: Dimethoate technical is used in preparation of formulations used in the control of a broad range of insect pests and mites. Dimethoate is primarily and organ phosphorous based systemic insecticide but also possesses properties of a contact insecticide and an acaricide. It is an insecticide of moderate mammalian toxicity which is widely used against piercing sucking insects, spider mites, chewing mining and boring insects on cereals, cotton, chillies, tobacco, vegetable, fruit crops, tea and coffee etc.

Parent OrganizationShivalik Rasayan Ltd.Managing DirectorVimal Kumar Shrawat
Founded1979NSE SymbolSHIVALIK