About the Company

Raj Television Network Ltd (Rajtv) is one of India’s largest entertainment content company. Starting with the launch of India’s Second Tamil satellite channel, RAJTV, in 1994, the company has evolved into an integrated entertainment content company over the last two and a half decades. The company incorporated in 1994, broadcasts thirteen channels presently in various southern languages.

Raj TV, its flagship television channel launched in 1994 was the first general entertainment channel of the Company. The Company caters to the entire spectrum of customers’ entertainment needs with production of content across different formats and platforms, such as fiction and reality shows for television, movies, music, digital, plays and live events.

Over the years, the company has built strong a content library of 100,000+ hours reaching over a billion viewers globally. The company has a strong content creation capability, over the last two and a half decades, it has built strong in-house content creation expertise and developed an ecosystem that seamlessly delivers engaging content at a competitive cost.

It has long-standing partnership with the artist fraternity and its leadership position makes it their preferred partner. While it works with multiple creative partners, with an in-house TV studio, movie production and Distribution Company and a music label, it is uniquely positioned to offer a range of content for diverse audience.

The company has an advantage of being a mass channel with its extensive line up of attractive programming to cater the entire family. The channels of the network reach a wide variety of audiences as it satisfies people of all ages, The Channel offers a right mix of movies, serials, debates, cultural, educational, cookery, handicrafts and religious programmes satisfying the needs of the entire community ranging from Urban to the rural audience.

The company currently operates 13 television channels in several languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. The company earns its revenue from segments i.e. Advertisement; Air Time Charges; Pay Channel Distribution Revenue; Subscription Revenue; Sale of Rights; and Sales export Revenue.

Business area of the company

The company’s content offerings span across the globe. Today, it has a footprint across more than 172 countries with a portfolio of channels catering to the Indian and south Asian diaspora as well as local audiences of the 12 channels in the international markets, 1 Channel is dedicated to non-Indian audience, offering them entertainment content in their native languages. Its network covers USA, EUROPE, MENAP, AFRICA AND APAC regions.

Also, the company undertakes several production projects with the right mix of self-produced and outsourced productions, to mitigate financial risk and obtain large revenues. With self-produced content, the company gets complete right over the content, and can build its own intellectual property base.

Parent OrganizationRaj Television Network Ltd.Managing DirectorM Raajhendhran
Founded1994NSE SymbolRAJTV