About the Company

The company was incorporated on March, 23 2015 with the main objects of carrying on businesses related to investments, packaged food items, and professional services and pursuant to business realignment upon approval of the Composite Scheme of Arrangement by the regulatory authorities. Pursuant to the said Scheme the investment business undertakings of ‘The Oudh Sugar Mills Limited’ stands transferred and vested with the company.

The businesses of the company are carried out by its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Wholly owned subsidiaries:

OSM Investment & Trading Company Limited
Champaran Marketing Company Limited
Hargaon Investment &Trading Company Limited
Hargaon Properties Limited
Allahabad Canning Limited

The first three being wholly owned subsidiaries of the company viz: OSM Investment & Trading Company Limited; Champaran Marketing Company Limited; Hargaon Investment &Trading Company Limited and are registered NBFC with RBI and primarily engaged in investment activities and whereas Hargaon Properties Limited is a step down subsidiary engaged in investment of properties. And the other wholly owned subsidiary Allahabad Canning Limited is engaged in the Food Processing Business thereby producing all types of Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Jams Jellies, Marmalades, Juices, Tomato Ketchup/Puree/Sauce, Vegetable Sauces, Squashes, Breakfast cereals like cornfl akes, chocos, white oats etc.

Parent OrganisationPalash Securities Ltd.Managing DirectorChand Bihari Patodia
Founded2015NSE SymbolPALASHSECU