About the Company

The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd. (IHP) was established in 1926 with the object of manufacturing, popularising and marketing Hume Pipes and allied products. A small mechanical workshop was also established simultaneously for production of specialised equipment required for making Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipes. Over a period of time the company has developed Prestressed Concrete Pipes (Non-Cylinder), Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, Bar Wrapped Steel Cylinder Pipes, Hume Steel Pipes, Welded Steel Penstocks, Prestressed Concrete Railway Sleepers and specialised in execution of Turnkey Water Supply Projects.

Today the company has a well spread out and wide network of over twenty factories and forty projects in India. The company has earned a reputation for excellence through employing modern technology, stringent quality control measures, timely execution and continuous Research and Development. As a result the company's products have found acceptance in highly competitive  markets. The company's expertise is at work right from designing of custom made pipes to the company's total engineering packages for pipeline projects.

The company is actively involved in the strengthening of the nation's infrastructure in varied fields viz. Water Supply, Irrigation, Drainage, Power Generation and Rail transport by executing numerous turnkey pipeline projects for Water Supply, Sewerage and Hydroelectric Power Generation and supplying millions of sleepers for railways in India. IHP has also executed neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Burma & Iraq.

The company is also manufacturing Air Rifles & Pistols for promoting Target Shooting Sports. These products have already established the company as a brand leader in India. IHP is the only company in the organized sector in India manufacturing quality Air Rifles with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The company has a distribution network throughout India for carrying out successful marketing of Air Rifles.

From a modest beginning seven decades ago, today the company is acknowledged as a leader of the industry with an unbeatable track record of introducing the following products.

Product range of the company includes:

  • Prestressed concrete pipe
  • Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe
  • Bar wrapped steel cylinder pipe
  • Steel pipe
  • RCC pipe
  • Penstock pipe
  • Prestressed concrete monoblock sleeper for railways
  • Air rifles & pistols

The company has a long list of clients which includes:

State Government's Water Supply Departments, City Corporations, State Government's Industrial Development Corporations, City Industrial Development Corporations of all States, Large Industries Water Supply Schemes, Cooperative Farmer's Societies - Lift Irrigation Schemes, State Government' Irrigation Development. Railways for Sleepers and Hydro Electric Power Projects.

Services offered by the company

  • Technical Services-  IHP has a rich experience of over 7 decades in pipeline projects. Once the work is assigned to them, the client can make use of this unique facility free of cost. 
  • Management of Plant -Management of plant in India, overseas with company’s engineers and experienced technicians.
  • Rehabilitation of Pipelines-Many times its clients have a problem of joint leakage with the pipes supplied by other manufacturers. It also undertakes the repairs of such pipe joints and helps the clients to rehabilitate the pipelines.

Milestones of the company:

  • 1926 -Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipe
  • 1932 -Welded Steel Pipe
  • 1956 - Steel Penstocks
  • 1957 -Prestressed Concrete Pipe (Non Cylinder)
  • 1966 -Air Rifles & Pistols
  • 1970-Prestressed Concrete Monoblock Sleepers for Railways
  • 1998 -Bar Wrapped Steel Cylinder Pipe
  • 1999 - Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe
  • 2011 - Indian Hume Pipe Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with M/s. Dosti Realty Limited
Parent OrganizationIndian Hume Pipe Company Ltd.Managing DirectorRajas R Doshi
Founded1926NSE SymbolINDIANHUME