About the Company

The company been in the Pharmaceutical industry since 1970 and is known and respected for Innovative and high Quality pharmaceutical and Herbal Products along with a wide range of APIs.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of Lyophilized injections in India and has a fully automated lyophilization plant. Its lyophillized product portfolio includes Antibiotic, Antifungal, Cardiac, Infertility, Antiviral and proton-pump inhibitor segments.

The company’s products are supplied to most major hospital chains and leading medical facilities and it has an extensive network of representatives promoting these products all across India.

The company combines its high end Lyophilisation technology with R&D expertise to create differentiated products targeted at domestic and international markets. It has set up one of the largest and state of the art lyophilisation facility with major accreditations like EU-GMP, WHO-GMP, Ukraine-GMP.

Business area of the company

The company is principally engaged in manufacturing and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic pharmaceuticals and related services.

Products of the company

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Herbal
  • API / Bulk Drugs
  • Personal care
  • International

History and milestone

Past Initiatives

  • First Indian to produce Doxycycline Inj.
  • First Indian company to make Liquid Oxytetracycline Inj.
  • Mox (Amoxicillin) and Zole ointment featured among the top 100 pharma brands
  • First Company to launch Boswellia Serrata tablets
  • Pioneer in developing Kid tablet in India
  • Hived off Mox and Zole to Ranbaxy


  • Initiated contract manufacturing
  • Commenced international exports


  • Received patents for Anidulafungin and Tigecycline lyophilized inj.
  • Launched Criticare division


  • Set up a full automatic state of the art facility at Navsari, India under the name Gufic Lifesciences Pvt ltd and received EU GMP approval
  • Launched Ferticare and Criticare Life divisions


  • Received patents for Rifabutin and Micafunginlyophilized inj.
  • Exported Vancomycin lyophilized Inj. to Germany
  • Manufacturing capacity ramped up to 31 million vials per annum
  • Launched Ferticare Life division


  • Manufacturing Remdesivir for Hetero
  • Increased capacity to 48 million vials per annum


  • Incorporated wholly owned subsidiary company namely ‘Gufic UK’
  • Received DCGI approval for Thymosin Alpha-1 (Immunocin - A Brand of Gufic for the said drug)
Parent OrganizationGufic Biosciences Ltd.Managing DirectorJayesh P Choksi
Founded1984NSE SymbolGUFICBIO