About the Company

Cambridge Solutions was created by seasoned international executives to be that partner – a solution for Fortune 500 and fast-growing firms that understand how outsourcing can deliver the savings and efficiencies to improve profitability and at the same time, free them to focus on their core business mission. In May 2005 Cambridge Solutions was formed through merger of Cambridge LLC and Scandent Solutions.

Cambridge Solutions is a totally integrated, global service delivery system that offers a complete array of IT and business process outsourcing services. These services are combined with a strong onshore presence in the client’s home country and the expertise in knowledge-based processing to take outsourcing to a new level of efficiency and quality improvement.

Cambridge’s unique business model helps companies build a bridge to their new realities, transcending the geographies of business operations to scale new heights in economical operations and high-level service. With Cambridge, companies are connected with the realities of a global supply chain enabled by electronic technology and unhampered by geography, national boundaries, or even the constraints of physical travel.

Cambridge offers a worldwide IT and business process network that includes:

  • One of the world’s largest business process outsourcing networks in the United States, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.
  • A leading IT practice in the banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing and government sectors, offering business consulting, application maintenance. support through software development, and application implementation service.
  • One of the largest independently owned property and casualty insurance processing and claims outsourcing providers.
  • The most comprehensive array of outsourced services for financial services companies worldwide.
  • The largest outsourcing provider of professional liability claims services.
  • The second largest outsourcing provider of structured settlement services.
  • Experts in product liability consulting and recall outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing practices in finance and accounting, banking, mortgage, insurance, and more.  

Every business arrives at a point where it must bridge the gap between strategic imperatives and available resources. To lower operating costs while increasing productivity. To improve profitability in a challenging economy. The combination of these demands – operating lean while delivering extraordinary results – makes the choice of an outsourcing partner a more critical strategic decision than ever before.

Products and services:

The company is engaged in business process outsourcing and information technology services.

ITO- Cambridge has put together a broad set of offerings that will enable them to meet the varied needs of clients, and yet make a sensible difference. The company’s core offerings range from strategic consulting to application maintenance/support through software development and application implementation services. Other services include integration, customizations, end user services, training, documentation, quality assurance, testing and legacy application migration.

BPO- Cambridge's business process outsourcing (BPO) division specializes in process consulting, transaction processing, and claims and risk management outsourcing.

Their expertise spans insurance, healthcare, banking, mortgage and financial services companies; process consulting; transaction processing, finance & accounting back office support; claims and risk management services; inbound and outbound contact centers to support all of these activities; and many other processes that require knowledge-based decision making.

NETCETA (Net enabled Commodity Electronic Trading Architecture) is a product Cambridge created in 1999. NetCETA is TESA based, end-to-end solution for derivative exchanges - trading, exchange administration and clearing house operations. It is Internet-ready, capable of being accessed through a LAN, direct dial-up and through the Internet cloud. It has Order management, Matching, Risk Management, Market Administration, Settlement and Clearing modules.

NetCETA is an end-to-end solution for derivatives exchanges - trading, exchange administration and clearing house operations. It is Internet-ready, capable of being accessed through a LAN, direct dial-up and through the Internet cloud.

A unique feature of NetCETA is that it integrates Broker front office capabilities along with Exchange Automation thereby enabling a member of an exchange to have n-number of sub traders in remote locations who can place orders on the system and have them Straight Through Processed. The Broker/Member can set the framework for each of his sub-traders separately with parameterizable limits, margin requirements, access controls, audit trails, account self-help etc. This eliminates expensive investment by the brokers in their own front office systems.

In 1999, the first version of NETCETA was implemented for Bombay Oils & Oilseeds Exchange.

Technology Partners of the company are:

  • IBM - Cambridge is an IBM Advanced Alliance Partner for solution development.
  • Microsoft - Cambridge is an authorized solution provider for Microsoft technologies. We are also a key preferred vendor for on-site services in the U.S. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, it develop ‘Early Adapter Products’ for WinDNA and .NET technologies. 
  • SAP  Cambridge is a certified SAP Partner for IM&C, providing value-added SAP services through a combination of SAP experts, methodologies, and tools, plus a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings.
  • Oracle  Cambridge is one of the only 3 Oracle Service Providers (OSP) in their Mid-America Region. We give clients ready access to Oracle's newest products and resources. 
  • Sun Microsystems -Cambridge has a strategic partnership with Sun Microsystems, Inc. We offer industry-leading certification programs on Sun Java.
  • Skelta- Cambridge has an OEM relationship with Skelta.
  • Plateau- Cambridge is an Alliance Partner for Plateau. Swift Cambridge is a Business and Service Partner for Swift.
  • SIDE INTERNATIONAL - Cambridge is a Business Partner for Side International. 

Awards & Achievements:

  • Global Services Media and neo IT has named Cambridge one of the top best performing BPO companies for the past three years. In 2008, they also named Cambridge one of the top 10 best performing Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) providers.
  • Cambridge is currently ranked as the 10th leading outsourcing company in the world on the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)’s “2007 Global Outsourcing 100” list, up from 28th in 2006. This list appeared in a special advertising section in Fortune Magazine.
  • The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has certified Cambridge’s Singapore facilities as Capability Maturity Model Integration 5 (CMMI 5), their highest possible rating for benchmarking best practices for management and engineering. Their centers in Chennai and Bangalore are also certified as CMMI 5. Additionally, SEI has certified the Chennai center as People Capability Maturity Model 3 (PCMM 3).
  • The Economic Development Board in Singapore accorded Cambridge International Headquarters Status; they were the first global business process management solutions provider to receive this designation.
  • Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) used their stringent criteria for innovative multimedia technologies to evaluate Cambridge’s Malaysian operations. As a result, MDC granted Cambridge their Multimedia Super Corridor Status.
  • Fast Track 50, Deloitte & Touche, Europe, recognized Cambridge as a fast-growing technology company that contributes to the European region through innovation and vision. Cambridge received the “People Developer” Standard, a prestigious human resource development award, for its Singapore operations. 


  • 1997- Cambridge Integrated Services Group “CISGI” formed by Aon as end-to-end claims Services business.
  • 2002- Cambridge Australia formed by Aon as first phase of global expansion initiative for its claims services business.
  •  2002 August- Scandent Solutions Corp. Ltd. formed by Scandent Group to acquire IT services contracts from DSQ and Total Systems Europe.
  • Forms IT division of Scandent Group
  • 2004 November - Scandent Group formed Cambridge Services Holdings, a holdings company used to acquire Cambridge USA and Cambridge Australia from Aon. Forms BPO division of Scandent Group
  • 2004 July - Scandent Solutions acquired IT division of SSI Ltd. Scandent Group consolidates all international IT operations under Scandent Group
  • 2005 March- Scandent Solutions becomes a publicly traded company
  • 2005 May- Cambridge acquires ProcessMind forming India BPO divisionCambridge Solutions formed through merger of Cambridge LLC and Scandent Solutions
  • 2006 March- Final Regulatory approval obtained - retroactive to 2005 April

Recent developments

Xchanging Plc, a UK-based provider of business process outsourcing services to the insurance and financial market sectors, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xchanging (Mauritius) Limited, has acquired a 75% stake in Cambridge Solutions Limited.

Parent OrganizationXchanging Solutions Ltd.Managing DirectorNachiket Vibhakar Sukhtankar
Founded2002NSE SymbolXCHANGING