About the Company

Visaka Industries started in 1985 with the commissioning of its fibre cement division in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. This joint sector company was promoted by Dr G Vivekanand and the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation to manufacture fibre cement sheets with a capacity of 36,000 tonnes per annum.

Currently Visaka produces 600,000 tonnes of fibre cement sheets per year.Visaka's greatest strenth is its people. All Visaka personnel are highly dedicated professionals, with decades of experience in the fibre cement industry. It diversified into textiles in 1992. The textile division manufactures yarns using state-of-the-art Twin Air Jet spinning technology from Murata, Japan with 28 MTS machines equivalent to 50,000 Ring Spindles. It produces about 7,000 metric tonnes of yarn per year and currently export about 2,000 tonnes to countries around the globe.

Visaka's high-tech fibre cement plant is a fully automated factory incorporating the latest and most sophisticated technology. Resulting in consistency -- in physical properties and strenght, which far exceeds the standards prescribed by IS.I

The Visaka personalised customer service is geared to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The marketing and technical team works closely with the customer, identifying his needs, helping in Roof Design - Installation and keeping in close contact before and after he buys the products.

Visaka's customer service is further supported by their stockists who are selected for their integrity and repute. They are also trained to provide technical advice to clients, such as advice on estimating, installation, etc, totally free of cost.

Today, Visaka is acclaimed as the biggest Unit with MTS installation in the world. The company have achieved the highest productivity and highest efficiencies, maintaining the best quality standards in the world. By adhering to stringent quality control measures and being sincere to quality systems, Visaka Industries Limited got ISO 9002 certificate in 1995 and Export House status in 2001.

In 2012 the company commenced the Commercial Production at Sambalpur unit.


Fibre cement sheet


  • Close Fitting Adjustable Ridges
  • North Light Ridges
  • North Light Curve
  • Roof Lights
  • Apron piece
  • Barge Boards
  • Serrated Adjustable Ridges
  • Ridge finials
  • Close Fitting Adjustable Ridges
Parent OrganizationVisaka Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorG Saroja Vivekanand
Founded1981NSE SymbolVISAKAIND