About the Company

VIP Industries Ltd. incorporated in 1968. The very first VIP Suitcase was manufactured in the year 1971. Since then, VIP Industries has sold over 100 million pieces of luggage to people around the world and have subsequently become the foremost manufacturer of hard and soft luggage in Asia, with a goal to make travelling simple. VIP manufactures an array of products and provides numerous different services with an aim to make travel simple and convenient for millions of people around the world.

There products and services are carefully designed to help people experience the delight of travelling. A team of professional, skilled designers constantly innovate and explore new technological aspects and materials to craft luggage which is at-par with the world’s highest standards. The Product Portfolio of VIP Industries consists of a diverse range of hard-sided and soft-sided luggage. The luggage range includes strollys, suitcases, duffel-bags, backpacks, executive cases, overnight travel solutions and school bags. VIP Industries is the parent of many renowned brands like VIP, Aristocrat, Alfa, Footloose, Skybags and Carlton which cover the entire spectrum of travel products. The company's manufacturing facilities are located at Nashik, Nagpur, Jalgaon, Satara, Sinnar in Maharashtra and Haridwar in Uttaranchal.

Business area of the company

The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing of luggage bags. It manufactures moulded luggage (from high-density polyethylene), soft luggage (from nylon, polyester, jupolene, printed polyester) and ABS luggage (from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic).

Brands of the company

  • ALFA

Products of the company

The Company's products include briefcases, suitcases, handbags, carry bags and vanity cases.

Awards and recognitions

  • 1997: The Industrial Safety and Health Council presented VIP Industries with The Safety Award.
  • 1997: The Ministry of Science and Technology awarded VIP Industries with an award in recognition of their in-house Unit by R&D, by DSIR.
  • 1998: VIP Industries was presented with the award for 'Best Paper Value Engineering - Invest' by the Indian Value Engineering Society.
  • 1999: VIP Industries are the proud winners of the NIMA Excellence Award conferred upon by 'Nasik Industries Manufacturers Association.'
  • 2000: The Nasik Industries Manufacturers Association (NIMA) awarded VIP Industries with an award for 'Excellent Display - Nima Index 2000'.
  • 2000: 'Indian Value Engineering Society' bestowed VIP Industries with the second place for presenting a paper, titled, 'A Case Study on Optimization Cost and Enhance Aesthetics of PVC Outer Strips'.
  • 2000: 'Council of EU Chamber of Commerce' presented VIP Industries with the 'European Union Impresa Award for Export Performance.'
  • 2000: Lakshya Award (2000)- VIP Industries are the proud winners of the prestigious Lakshya Award from NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering) for 'Best Project' in the field of 'Supply Chain Management' in the year 2000.
  • 2000: The Lakshya Award is considered to be esteemed, as it is conferred upon visionaries and is a recognition of those who have helped to revolutionize the future of the Indian business setting.
  • 2001: Gold Peacock National Quality Award (2001), Golden Peacock Awards are regarded as the benchmark for corporate excellence all over the world. VIP Industries was presented with this significant award in the year 2001, for achieving 'Total Quality Management'.
  • 2001: Lakshya Award (2001), VIP Industries was the proud receiver of the Lakshya award, yet again in the year 2001. They were lauded for their efficient and superior manufacturing over a large scale.
  • 2001: This award is the testimony of VIP's innovative and productive business setting.
  • 2002: Lakshya Award (2002), VIP The ability to understand everyday demands and fulfil the same with optimized cost plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. In 2002, VIP Industries was bestowed upon with the prestigious Lakshya Award in the 'On The Job Achievers' segment for presenting the best project in 'Supply Chain Management Module.'
  • 2003: Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award (2003), VIP Industries were the joint winners of the 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' in 2003, for being one of the best Large Scale Manufacturing Industries in India.
  • 2004: Lakshya Award (2004), Lakshya Award is a unique endeavour by NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering) bestowed upon in the honour of corporate excellence.
  • 2004: VIP Industries were awarded the second place for the 'Best Project' segment in the 'On The Job Achievers' category.
  • 2004: Golden Peacock Award (2004), In 2004, VIP Industries were conferred with the Golden Peacock Award for Innovation.
  • 2016: VIP Industries Limited won the India Design Mark (i-Mark) award for Carlton - Hampton 3 Laptop backpack.
  • 2016: Brand Caprese awarded with best brand award in ‘Bags & Accessories’ category by Shoppers Stop.
  • 2016: VIP Industries Ltd was awarded the ‘Regional Best Employer 2016-17’ by World HRD Congress.
  • 2017: Flipkart awarded Brand Skybags as the ‘Best Performing Brand in Travel Category’ for the year 2016-17.
  • 2017: VIP Industries Limited was awarded the ‘Supply Chain Champion for the Year’ by Metro Cash & Carry.
  • 2017: VIP Industries Limited won the India Design Mark (i-Mark) award for VIP Tube.
  • 2018: Brand Skybags & Caprese won the ‘Best Brand Award’ from Flipkart for the year 2017-18.
  • 2018: VIP Industries Limited won the India Design Mark (i-Mark) award for 5 products - Skybags AER Plus DF & DFT; VIP Centaur DFT; Carlton Duo-Tone, Helium & Dublin.
  • 2019: VIP Industries won the India Design Mark (i-Mark) award for Carlton Insignia and Regalia; VIP Zenlite and Modulus; Skybags Vulcan Weekender Backpack and Boom DFT.
  • 2019: Carlton Edge was awarded with the ‘Best TVC Award’ in the consumer durables category by Exchange4Media.
  • 2019: VIP Industries Limited won the ‘People Matters Total Rewards Award 2019’ for ‘Best in Driving Culture of Hyper Productivity’.
  • 2019: VIP Industries Limited won the ‘People Matters L&D Award 2019’ for Best in Leadership Transformation.
  • 2019: VIP Industries Limited won the ‘Economic Times India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing Award 2019’.
  • 2020: VIP Industries Limited won the CFBP (Council for Fair Business Practices) award in the Category ‘Manufacturing Enterprises - Large’ for the year 2019-20.


  • 1968: VIP Industries was incorporated.
  • 1971: The company’s manufacturing facility located at Nasik was commissioned.
  • 1982: Manufacturing facility located at Jalgoan was commissioned.
  • 1983: The company introduced NR mechanism under which the luggage will not open in upside down position. 
  • 1986: The company set up a manufacturing facility in Nagpur. The same year the company introduce padded handle for better grip.
  • 1989: The company introduced advance locking system -- dual action lock. VIP also launched its brand ‘Alfa’.
  • 1993: VIP set up a manufacturing facility located at Sinnar.
  • 1995: The company introduced Heat Sealing Method wherein it manufactured moulded luggage (No Metal Frame) having inside fabric lining.Company also introduced Dual Material Dimpled Bumper that allows rough usage of luggage.
  • 1996: It introduced the corner lock feature.
  • 1998: Vertical Access Feature was launched allows user to open the luggage in order to access documents in vertical condition.
  • 2000: It launched the brand ‘Delsey’. The company launched Convipack-a soft luggage inside a hard luggage. The same year the company introduced cable lock 
  • 2001: The company introduced center locking mechanism -- a single locking actions locks all the multiple latches. Rolling Scratch Guard was launched in order to avoid scratch marks.
  • 2002: The company introduced luggage with Paper frame and handle locking mechanism.
  • 2003: VIP launched FM radio in luggage. 
  • 2004: The company acquired Carlton MEA, Hong Kong. The company has presence in 65 countries with a design studio located in London and regional offices in Dubai and Hong Kong.
  • 2010: VIP Introduces 'Superlite' - lightweight bags that enable you travel easier and pack more without the fear of paying excess baggage fees.
  • 2011: VIP ushers in the four wheeling revolution in india with the launch of its 360 wheeling range.
  • 2012: Manufacture of printed PC cases.
  • 2013: Caprese Launch.
  • 2014: Bangladesh Plant.
  • 2020: VIP Industries has raised Rs 50 crore through listed, secured, rated, redeemable, Non-Convertible Debenture (NCDs) on Private Placement basis.
  • 2020: VIP Industries Limited got recognized as a ‘Bronze’ employer in the IWEI’s (India Workplace Equality Index) Top Employers for 2020.
Parent OrganizationVIP Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorAnindya Dutta
Founded1968NSE SymbolVIPIND