About the Company

Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. is among the leading producer of Double Refined Sugar in the Country. With extensive Research and Development, Uttam Sugar is now producing the best quality sugar in the country. After entering into packaged sugar, company has now moved from ‘Selling a Commodity’ to ‘Marketing of a Product’.

The company has ten folded its production in the last ten years with 2,000 TCD in 2001 to 20,000 TCD in 2011. Since its inception, the company has striven to achieve total customer satisfaction. It is the policy of all Group Units to strictly follow the tenets of Uttam Quality.

With a widespread distribution network that traverses through all of Northern India, Central India and parts of Western India like Rajasthan and Gujrat, it can be found on the shelves of all the major retail store of the country, In addition to this, the company’s clients are some of the best known as FMCG sector like Rasna, Safal, Patanjali, Britannia, Cadbury & Heinz.

White refined and brown are available in a range of packaging including 1, 5 & 10 kg bags and the consumers packages for direct sale. Also the company has invert sugar syrup. It is also doing R&D to add more quality sweetener product to its portfolio.

Business area of the company

The Company is engaged in the manufacture of Sugar, Industrial Alcohol and Generation of Power.


Sugar: The company is engaged in manufacturing of sugar including of Sulphur-less Refined Sugar, Double Refined, packed in small packaging, Natural Brown Sugar etc. Its sugar which being produced are regularly matched with NSI standard and norms. Similarly, it is complying and following up all the rules and regulations of FSSAI and its sugar being packed in very hygienic conditions.

Ethanol and Industrial Alcohol: Molasses is generated as by- product during the manufacturing of Sugar. It is the raw material for manufacture of Industrial Alcohol and Ethanol. The production of Alcohol and Ethanol is being done at Distillery where the company has ensured Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) by the latest process of concentration of Spent wash through Multi Effect Evaporators and incineration of concentrated Spent Wash through slop Boilers. Ethanol being supplied to Oil manufacturing Company for blending with Petrol under the Policy of Central Government of India. Ethanol is ECO Friendly fuel and helps to save foreign exchange also by reducing import of crude oil.

Power: The company is having the facility of Bagasse based Co-generation of Power which is a great alternative to Fossil Fuels and reduces the gas emission to safeguard the environment. The Power generation based on Bagasse is a renewal source of Energy. The said power is used for captive consumption as well as surplus power is being exported to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) under the Power Purchase Agreement with them.

Parent OrganizationUttam Sugar Mills Ltd.Managing DirectorRaj Kumar Adlakha
Founded1993NSE SymbolUTTAMSUGAR