About the Company

Triveni Turbine is a leading industrial steam turbine manufacturer, with a dominant market share of over 60% in India. Over 3,000 steam turbines supplied by Triveni have been installed across 18 industries in over 70 countries, including Europe, Africa, Central & Latin America, SE Asian and SAARC countries. Triveni caters to varied and diverse industries like Biomass IPP, Municipal Solid Waste IPP, District Heating, Palm Oil, Paper, Sugar, Naval, Textiles, Metals, Cement, Carbon Black, Solvent Extraction, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas Municipal Solid Waste based Independent Power Plants (IPPs), and Captive Power Plants (CPPs).

The Triveni Group of Companies is a focused, growing conglomerate having diversified interests in Engineering, Co-Generation, Clean Water Solutions, Distillery and Sugar. Triveni’s capability has been in precision engineering and has been in the forefront for over four decades now. The group is a market leader in the engineering business and offers state of the art solutions for the Turbo-Generator island and industrial Gear Boxes. Triveni group has set up the first co-generation plant in India. The turbine business of the company, located at Bengaluru has been demerged through a scheme of arrangement into Triveni Turbine from the appointed date on October 01, 2010, and the same has become effective w.e.f. April 21, 2011. Triveni Engineering & Industries holds 21.8% equity capital of Triveni Turbine.

Business area of the company

The company’s core competencies lay in manufacturing and supplying industry specific, custom-made steam turbines. With a well-managed 24x7 ‘Complete Customer Care’ network, Triveni Turbines focuses on providing the best service in the industry. An innovative flair and strategic approach makes Triveni an eminent forerunner in the steam turbine industry.


Triveni Turbines offers robust back-pressure and condensing steam turbines up to 100 MW that work across a wide range of pressure and flow applications.

Up to 30 MW Range

  • Condensing Steam Turbines (Straight Condensing Type, Extraction Condensing Type , Bleed Condensing Type and Injection Condensing Type)
  • Back Pressure Steam Turbines (Straight Back Pressure Type, Extraction Back Pressure Type and Bleed Back Pressure)

Above 30 up to 100 MW

  • Condensing Steam Turbines (Uncontrolled Extraction  and Controlled Extraction)
  • Back Pressure Steam Turbines (Uncontrolled Extraction and Controlled Extraction)


GE Triveni (GETL) is a joint venture between Triveni Turbine and GE Oil & Gas, formed in the year 2010. GETL offers a portfolio of steam turbine products of 30.1 MW to 100MW in the Industrial Power Generation (IPG) market globally. These machines are designed to bring value to the customers in terms of efficiency that saves ever increasing fuel/energy costs.

Parent OrganizationTriveni Turbine Ltd.Managing DirectorDhruv M Sawhney
Founded1995NSE SymbolTRITURBINE