About the Company

Swaraj Engines (SEL) was started in 1986 in technical and financial collaboration with Kirloskar Oil Engines (KOEL) for manufacture of Diesel Engines.

SEL is a joint venture between erstwhile Punjab Tractors (PTL), which has since been merged with Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) and Kirloskar Oil Engines. (KOEL). Originally set up to manufacture engines for PTL, in recent years SEL has also been a supplier of hi-tech engine components to Swaraj Mazda (SML).

Since start of commercial operations in 1989-90, SEL has supplied around 3,18,000 engines for fitment into “Swaraj” tractors. SEL’s engine business currently constitutes some 93% of the company’s product revenue. The balance 7% represents value of hitech engine components being supplied to SML for assembly of commercial vehicle engines.

SEL’s financial performance has been exceptional right from the beginning. Its operations have been characterised by a lean organisation structure, continuous improvement in process efficiencies and optimised resource utilisation.

Parent OrganizationSwaraj Engines Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1985NSE SymbolSWARAJENG