About the Company

Sunflag Iron and Steel Company is a prestigious unit of the Sun Flag Group incepted in 1989. It has set up a state-of-art integrated plant at Bhandara, India. The plant has a capacity to produce 200,000 tonnes per annum of high quality special steel using iron ore and non coking coal as basic inputs.

The plant comprises a 1,50,000 tonnes per annum Direct Reduction Plant, to produce sponge iron for captive consumption in the Steel Melting Shop. This shop comprises a 50/60 tonnes ultra high power Electric Are Furnace with Eccentric bottom arrangement; a Ladle auto mould level controller and electromagnetic stirrer. The billets produced at the steel melting shop are rolled at the Mannesmann Demag Designed ultra modern 18 stand Continous mill.This mill has a walking hearth reheating furnace, quick roll-changing facilities, a 65 metres long walk and wait type modern cooling bed and above all computerised process control linking and controlling the various stages.

Within a short period of its inception, Sunflag Steel has established itself as a major global force. This modern complex pulsating with world-class technology, expert human resources and a commitment to excellence, has created a distinct niche in spring steel and attained the position of market leader in the segment. Today Sunflag Steel has also embarked on an export thrust and is regularly receiving prestigious orders from Japan and many other Far East, Afro-Asian and Middle-East countries.

The ASM commenced production in the year 1997, enabling Sunflag to expand its product range upto 90 mm dia Rounds; 75 mm RCS and upto 120x25 mm Flats. Production capacity of rolled product is also enchanced by 60, 000 MT. per annum. In order to save energy, a captive power plant of 15 MW capacity has already been comissioned using waste gases.

In 2010 Company  entered into a technological pact with Japanese steel firm Daido Steel.

Product range of the company:

Sunflag Steel is accredited with the ISO-9002 Quality mark, backed up with sound management practices and a highly motivated team. It is a small wonder the Sunflag products are exported to a number of countries.

  • Flats - Spring steel that goes into the automobile and railway suspension. The grades include Silico Manganese, Chrome, Vanadium steel. In   specifications like: DIN, SAE/AISI, BS The sizes from 44 mm wide to 120 mm wide; and 5mm  to 25mm thick.
  • Rounds- In carbon, free-cutting, spring and alloy steels. In specifications like: DIN, SAE/AISI, BS et cetera. In sizes from 15 mm to 90 mm in diameter. For the forging, automobile, spring industries.
  • Round Cornered Squares (RCS)- In carbon, free-cutting and alloy steels. In specifications like: DIN, SAE/AISI, BS et cetera. In sizes from 45x45 mm to 90x90 mm. For the forging, automobile industries.

Production Units:

Sunflag Steel uses the (Sponge iron + Liquid Pig Iron)--Electric arc furnace--Ladle heating furnace--New Continuous casting machine--Rolling mills route, backed up by the state-of-the-art technology and computerized process control.

  • Sintering Plant (SINTER)-  A 33 M2 sinter plant, designed by Beijing Sino-Steel industry & trade Group Corp.(SSIT) and Jiangsu Province Metallurgical Designing Institute (JSMDI) Co. Ltd. The technology of it is based on principle of economical, applicable safe and operational. The annual production is expected to be 4,70,000 Tonnes.  
  • Mini Blast Furnace (MBF)- A Blast furnace of working volume 350 M3 designed by MECON Ltd. to produce 2,30,000 MT / annum of basic grade hot metal has been installed and sucessfully commissioned. The hot metal is mainly used in the steel melting shop as a raw material and surplus hot metal poured in pig casting machine. The Pig casting machine is designed by KBS Paramount & capacity 800 Tonnes per day (TPD). The Blast furnace gas is used for stoves heating, heating of preheating furnace of bar and section mill, heating of boiler, sinter plant. Slag which is a byproduct is mainly sold to cement plants.  
  • Direct Reduction Plant (DRP)- Based on Krupp's Codir process. The DRP can produce 150,000 tones per year of Sponge iron from iron ore and coal. Additionally, the flue gases help generate 30 MW of electric power.
Parent OrganizationSunflag Iron And Steel Company Ltd.Managing DirectorPranav Bhardwaj
Founded1984NSE SymbolSUNFLAG