About the Company

Sundaram Finance Holdings (SFHL), formerly Sundaram Finance Distribution Limited, is an associate of Sundaram Finance. The Registered Office of the company is located at No. 21, Patullos Road, Chennai 600002.

The equity shares of the company have been listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited with effect from March 26, 2018.

Business area of the company:

The company is involved in the business of making all types of investments, including investments in financial service enablers, Fin-tech investments and Small Startup Type (incubator) investments, as well as to engage in the business of BPO, consultants and/or advisors, training, learning and development services, information technology services and distribution and marketing of financial products.

Parent OrganizationSundaram Finance Holdings Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1993NSE SymbolSUNDARMHLD