About the Company

The history of Shalimar Paints is the history of the paint industry in India and South-East Asia. Shalimar Paint Color & Varnish Company was established in 1902 in Howrah, West Bengal by two Britishers - A N Turner and A N Wright. In the same year, the company set-up a large-scale manufacturing plant in Howrah, the first such plant in entire South-East Asia.

Rapidly expanding presence and reach, Shalimar soon became the country’s leading paint brand. India’s iconic structures like Rashtrapati Bhavan, Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu, Salt Lake Stadium, continue to use Shalimar Paints. With access to high-end technology in the industrial coatings segment, Shalimar Paints pioneered aviation coatings, marine paints and the painting of thermal power plants.

With the growing demand from the Northern region, Shalimar Paints set up its third manufacturing facility in Sikandrabad, U.P. in 2002. Both, decorative and industrial paint products are manufactured at the plants. Further, to serve the southern market and strengthen its product portfolio, the company has set up a greenfield plant in Chennai catering the ever expanding product line meeting the new requirements of the market.

The company focus in paint innovations that protect infrastructure and assets, and enrich consumers’ home lives. The company pioneered industrial coatings technology in India with several industry firsts such as high build zinc coatings, radiation resistant coatings for nuclear power plants, polyurethane paint for fighter aircraft and railway coaches, among others.

Recognizing the importance of R&D, the company set up its first R&D centre in Howrah, West Bengal in 1902. This centre holds the distinction of being the first Indian in-house R&D unit to get recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt of India, in 1979. To keep pace with the company’s growth and expansion, it set up its second R&D centre spread over 10,000 ft, in Nashik, Maharashtra in 2009.

Equipped with world-class infrastructure and manned by skilled talent, the R&D centres focus on:

  • Product and process innovations
  • Development and prototyping of innovative, environment friendly technologies
  • Creating new business opportunities by bridging technology and product gaps faster
  • Customisation of Industrial Coatings products as per customer requirement

Business area of the company

The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling and distribution of paints, coatings and providing related services. The Company has pan-India presence through its marketing offices in all major states in India.


Decorative Paints

The Company manufactures wide range of decorative paints used for interior or exterior, every surface - concrete, plaster, metal or wood. Some of the company’s brands are:

  • WeatherPro+, Exterior super premium emulsion: Water based super-premium 100% acrylic exterior emulsion with silicon additives to safegaurd walls from extreme weather conditions like rain, humidity and heat. It reflects sun rays to help reduce heat build-up, blocks out damaging ultraviolate rays and prevent algal and fungal formation on walls
  • Signature, Interior luxury emulsion: A water based luxury interior emulsion with the toughness of pure acrylic binders fortified with fluoro polymers imparts high level of inertness for long lasting, Luxurious and stain free finish to walls. It delivers rich and bright colors with a touch of refined and delicate sophistication.
  • Superlac Stay Clean, Interior premium acrylic emulsion: Superlac Stay Clean is a water based premium emulsion with advance stain guard technology that gives superior stain resistance to household stains such as Tea, Coffee, Ketchup etc. It has a water beading feature in which when water comes in contact with paint it converts water into tiny droplets which resist the water to penetrate into the surface.
  • Xtra Tough, Exterior super premium emulsion: Shalimar paints XTRA Tough is a premium emulsion with pure acrylic emulsion technology having silicon additive. It's tough and durable film effectively withstands in all weather conditions. It is an eco-friendly product contains no added lead, mercury and chromium.

Industrial Paints

Under this the company has association with companies like Pinchin Johnson Co. and International Paints PLC of the U.K. It manufactures and markets industrial coatings, aviation coatings, marine paints and coatings for metal decoration and food can lacquers.

Parent OrganizationShalimar Paints Ltd.Managing DirectorAshok Kumar Gupta
Founded1902NSE SymbolSHALPAINTS