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Orient Press Limited (OPL) was incorporated on January 2 ,1987 as a private limited company and was converted into public limited company by a special resolution dated December 14, 1990 and fresh Certificate of Incorporation was obtained from the Registrar of Companies Maharashtra at Bombay on February 5 1991. The company was promoted by R.V. Maheshwari & R. R. Maheshwari who were first generation entrepreneur.

More than 20 years of printing journey with 'An Eye For Detail' and helping clients to differentiate their products in order to establish and increase market share.

The company commenced its printing operations with an installed capacity of 398.88 million impressions per annum (mipa). During the last two years the printing capacity of OPL fell shot of the peak requirements thereby necessitating sub-contracting of jobs occassionally. To overcome the shortcomings associated with sub-contracting like inferior quality delays in delivery etc and also to meet the increasng demand OPL recently implemented an expansion programme and increased its intalled capacity from 398.88 mipa to 858.24 mipa

The journey which started with a small step by installing a letter press machine in 1980 is now galloping to become one of the finest printers in India.

The company has installed modern muticolour high speed web offset printing machines and other ancillary machines like automatic slitting cutting photo-typesettting micro proces controlled camera unit ensuring complete inhouse facilities for all process requirements of quality printing. In view of this the Company is able to consistently produce quality printing.

The company has also developed an efficient distrbution network. Unlike other printing jobs capital issue printing demands a highly organised delivery system to distribute large quantity of stationery across the country within a short stipulated time. OPL which has been particularly coscious of this critical need has geared itself up with adequate infrastructure. Its acknowledged capability in this area has enhanced its business operations and client goodwill.

With the same quality and dedication they are now foraying into the international market to make us one of the global leaders in the Printing Industry.Orient Press is a public limited Company and is listed on Bombay Stock exchange & National Stock Exchange of India.

Product range of the company includes:


  • Security
  • Commercials
  • Capital market


  • Flexible
  • Paperboard

Smart card Smart cards are used by millions of cardholders worldwide and are at work processing point-of-sale transactions, managing records, protecting computers, and securing facilities. Smart cards are credit card-sized plastic cards with an embedded computer chip, subscriber identity module (SIM) cards within mobile devices, or designed to plug directly into Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports on personal computers.


  • Prepress- The Orient Press offers comprehensive integrated Pre-Press Services, everything you require to achieve the best results. Be it Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Graphical Data Representations, Type Setting, Data Management and Asset Management.
  • DTP typing- The company has full-fledged DTP Department & proof reading section, which avail services to its clients for 24x7.
  • Personalize data
  • Post Printing
  • Dispatch

Achievements/ recognition:

  • Over 400 million Cheques.
  • Over 350 million Share/Bond Certificates
  • Over 3500 million Share/Bond application forms.
  • Over 500 million Tickets/Coupons for Railways.
  • Over 10 million Cards per month
  • Only IPO pre issue printer accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification.
  • Registered with IBA (Indian Banks Association) for printing of MICR cheques, drafts etc.
  • Registered with Technical Specification Evaluation Certificate for printing Telephone
  • Handled over 85% - Number of Book-Built Equity Issues and over 95% Issue Amount of Book Built Issues which have hit Capital Market till date.


  • ISO 9001:2000
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Technical Specification Evaluation Certificate


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