About the Company

Camphor & Allied Products Ltd incorporated in 1961 is India’s largest manufacturers of variety of terpene chemicals and other speciality aroma chemicals. Its vast product range includes synthetic camphor, terpineols, pine oils, resins, astrolide, dihydromyrcenol, and several other chemicals finding applications in vast array of industries ranging from flavours & fragrances, pharmaceuticals, soaps & cosmetics, rubber & tyre, paints & varnishes and many more.

It is a pioneer in the field of terpene chemistry in India since 1964, having established the first synthetic camphor plant with technology from DuPont of USA. The plant of the company is located at Bareilly in West Uttar Pradesh, 250 km from New Delhi. It handles a volume of 20,000 tons of raw materials and finished products annually and incorporates the latest technology and equipment.

The company carries out all conceivable chemical operations such as fractionation, esterification, saponification, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, peroxidation, pyrolysis, etc. in the plant using equipment and technology that is constantly updated with time to keep pace with the latest advancements in chemistry and chemical engineering practices.

Its vast product range includes synthetic camphor (all grades), terpineols, pine oils, Isobornyl acetate, terpene resins and many more. All processes are monitored by well-trained technical personnel with the help of latest instrumentation and quality control.

The company is also having a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that was set up at Nandesari, Baroda in 1999, to manufacture high value fragrance chemicals and fragrance chemical intermediates based on in-house technology. Products manufactured at this plant are of international standard and are well accepted in markets abroad and at home.

Product range of the company includes:

  • Fragrance Chemicals 
  • Pharmaceutical Products 
  • Aromatic Chemicals 
  • Industrial Chemicals  
Parent OrganizationOriental Aromatics Ltd.Managing DirectorDharmil A Bodani
Founded1972NSE SymbolOAL