About the Company

Kaveri Seeds was incorporated as GVB Rao & Company in 1976 by G V Bhaskar Rao. These first steps of creating an enterprise were guided by a unique vision to provide high quality and cost effective hybrid seeds and crop solutions derived from innovative plant genetics and technology.

GVB Rao & Company started off with seed production of public bred varieties of corn, pearl millet and rice and subsequently also took up product distribution for a leading seed MNC.

One of the significant milestones in the journey of GVB Rao & Co was the introduction of the first ever proprietary private corn hybrid in South India. This corn hybrid - a result of the company’s indigenous breeding program – had an edge over other existing varieties in terms of yield. And this launch was a mega success as farmers started realizing better yields and bumper returns. Inspired by this success, GVB Rao & Co ventured into value added breeding and subsequently in 1986, evolved into a bigger entity under the name of Kaveri Seeds.

Kaveri Seeds came up with an IPO in 2007 that raised Rs 68 crore to fund acquisition of farmlands, upgradation of seed processing plants and working capital requirements.Kaveri Seeds marched ahead and integrated its services to the farmers by diversifying into proprietary hybrid seeds of other crops such as sunflower, pearl millet, sorghum and rice. Over the years, a sharp focus on Research & Development has enabled kaveri seeds to earn a sizeable market share in corn and sunflower hybrid seeds.

Kaveri Seeds was converted into a public limited company in Nov 2006. However, apart from the change of this status, the company evolved too in terms of its product and service offerings. kaveri seeds was one of the first to notice the disturbing trend in crop husbandry by way of soil being deprived of its fertility and useful soil micro flora. Yields had started declining and owing to the declining soil quality, farmers were not able to harness the full potential of high-yielding seeds. Kaveri sensed the market need of soil replenishment and hence embarked upon a new initiative to reclaim the soil fertility in a scientific way. It is with this objective that Kaveri Seeds acquired Kaveri Agriteck which had a proven record in the area of soil enhancement and a good network focused on micro nutrients and bio-products.

Kaveri Seeds’ Research & Development facilities are recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.Kaveri seeds today, is synonymous with premium quality seeds enriched with genetically superior traits – and this has become possible because of its commitment to research. And this commitment to research and innovation stems from the fact that kaveri seeds is a market driven company. A company whose breeders are in close contact with the changing needs of its customers. The farming community is one of most affected by Nature’s vagaries in the form of erratic monsoon, pest attacks and drought conditions. Reasons why, performance and productivity of seeds is the foremost concern of the cultivators. Kaveri Seeds, a company focused on farmers’ prosperity understands these challenges and hence has committed itself to an ongoing pursuit of new ideas and innovations.

In 2016 Kaveri Seed commenced operations at new facility located at Molangur Village, Shankarapatnam Mandal, Karimnagar District in the state of Telangana.

Product range of the company includes:

  • Agriculture - Corn sunflower, pearl millet, grain sorghum, cotton and rice 
  • Vegetable- Tomatoes, okra, chillies and waterlemon
Parent OrganizationKaveri Seed Company Ltd.Managing DirectorG V Bhaskar Rao
Founded1986NSE SymbolKSCL