About the Company

Jocil is engaged in producing fatty acids, glycerin and soaps. Jocil was incorporated in 1978 as Andhra Pradesh Oil and Chemical Industries. The company’s product portfolio includes stearic acid flakes, fatty acids, toilet soaps, soap noodles and glycerine. 

These products have applications in area of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, paints, plastics, tyres, tread rubber, Metal Polish and other industries. The company has clientele namely HUL, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothy Laboratories, Emami, BASF, Birla Tyres, Claraint, Berger Paints, Sun Pharmaceutical and MRF Tyres.

Jocil has a manufacturing capacity of 67,500 TPA (fatty acids), 1,800 TPA (glycerine) and 25,000 TPA (soaps). Based at Dokiparru, the company also has a captive power plant with 6 MW capacity.


The company manufactures oleochemicals such as stearic acid, distilled fatty acid, fractioned fatty acids and refined glycerine.

Jocil manufactures toilet soaps, soap noodles and special products. It also undertakes contract manufacturing for various companies.

Andhra Sugars (Parent Company)

Andhra Sugars has business interests in organic and inorganic chemicals, edible and non-edible vegetable oils and non-conventional power generation.

It is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of sugar, chemicals such as caustic soda, acetic acid, industrial alcohol, sulphuric acid, hydro chloric acid, sulphur trioxide and aspirin.


1978- The company was incorporated as Andhra Pradesh Oil and Chemical Industries.

1982- The company was renamed as Jayalakshmi Oil and Chemical Industries.

1988- The company became subsidiary of Andhra Sugars (ASL) on 27 October 1988.

1992- The company was renamed as Jocil.

2001-The company set up a 6 MW biomass co-generation power plant to meet captive requirements of steam and power. 

2003- The company celebrated 25 year of experience in field of manufacturing of stearic acid flakes, fatty acids, toilet soaps, soap noodles and glycerine.  

2004- The company received ISO 9001:2000 Certification by DNV for quality management.

2005 - Ventured into Wind energy.

2009 - Wind farm is registered as CDM Project with UNFCCC in Year 2009.

2010 - ISO 9001:2008 Certification by DNV

Parent OrganizationJocil Ltd.Managing DirectorJ Murali Mohan
Founded1978NSE SymbolJOCIL