About the Company

The company was incorporated under the name ‘Jiya Eco-Products Private Limited’ in December 2011. Subsequently in February 2014, the company was converted into a public limited company and its name was changed to ‘Jiya Eco-Products Limited’.

In 2012, the company succeeded in setting-up its manufacturing unit at Navagam, Bhavnagar. The company started with the production of bio-briquettes and within a short span of time of around 2 years it enhanced its installed capacity to around 31,000 tonnes by installing new machineries, and forayed into production of bio-pellets as well thus making diversification in its range of products and increasing the scalability of its business. The location of the factory gives it the competitive edge over other players in terms of procurement and availability of raw material throughout the year. At present, the company has authorised collection centres spread over surrounding villages to source agricultural waste which serves as the major raw material in production of bio-fuels. Also the company has arrangements with various Gram-Panchayats in the State of Gujarat for procurement of solid waste, which serves as another important raw material in its business.

With the experience of its Promoters, technological drive, continuous research, supplier tie-ups, customer relationships, government support and industry demand for bio-fuel, the company is one of the key players across the state of Gujarat in bio-fuel sector and has plans to expand its presence on PAN India basis.

Business area of the company

Jiya Eco Products, an ISO 9001:2008 certified is engaged in the manufacturing of bio-fuels viz. bio-briquettes and bio-pellets which is an alternative source of energy and has the ability to replace/are fairly good substitutes of traditional fossil fuels like coal, firewood, lignite, etc.


Parent OrganizationJiya Eco-Products Ltd.Managing DirectorYogesh Patel
Founded2011NSE SymbolJIYAECO