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Jindal Photo, company of 'BC Jindal Group', was incorporated in the year 1986.  Jindal Photo has a technical and marketing tie-up with Fuji Photo Films Co., Japan – a FORTUNE 500 company and the second largest photographic products manufacturer in the world. It also has a technical tie-up with Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals Pte Ltd., Singapore (a subsidiary of Fuji, Japan) to manufacture photo chemicals. Jindal Photo is India’s one of the largest manufacturers of photographic and allied products. The products range includes color roll films, cameras, photographic color paper, medical X-ray films and equipments, cine color positive film, photo processing equipments and photographic chemicals, etc. The company has over 38% market share in the color paper and 44% market share in color roll films. The other products such as X-ray films, cine color positive films, etc. have market share of about 40%.

Jindal Photo markets the products under the reputed brand name 'FUJIFILM'. The company has a very strong marketing network throughout the country, knitted through branches, distributors and dealers. The company has also sold photo-finishing labs throughout the country as a part of its business strategy to capture the market of color roll films and color paper. The setting up of ‘Fuji Image Service’ (FIS), a specialized outlet to sell Fuji products, is an endeavor to boost the sale of its products.  Presently, there are over 800 such outlets throughout the country. To integrate the technology change in the photography processing, Jindal Photo has also set up over 470 Fuji Digital Imaging (FDi) facilities as an extension of the Fuji imaging services (FIS) already available throughout the country. Fujifilm is a world leader in the digital photographic technology. Jindal Photo is also marketing the Fuji digital range of products after importing the same from Japan. The digital product range being marketed in India includes digital ID systems, digital cameras, digitized photographic processing equipments, etc.

The company achieved an annual turnover of over Rs 412 crore during 2006-07. This manifold growth of Jindal Photo has been made possible due to its unflinching philosophy of providing customers with high-class quality and latest technology supported by a marketing network of branches, distributors and dealers. Ever since its inception, the company has stressed upon continuous improvement in the quality of its products. The company started manufacturing color paper in the year 1987 followed by color film in 1988.  With the beginning of liberalization era in 1991, Jindal Photo expanded into the manufacture of medical and industrial x-ray films and cine color positive processed from bulk jumbo rolls imported from Fujifilm, Japan.

The company has its manufacturing plants located at Dadra and Jammu.  An ISO 9002 company, the manufacturing facilities of Jindal Photo are model establishments with state-of-the-art machinery where highly sophisticated materials are processed in a light-sensitive and dust-free environment. This ensures that the same world class Fujifilm quality is available to customers in India also.

In 2012 Jindal Photo entered into an Agreement with Kodak (Singapore) Pte. Limited.


1. Fujifilm Supersix

2. Color roll film   

• Amateur films 

• Professional roll films

3. Cameras  

• Pentax digital cameras

4. Photo-processing equipment

5. Photographic chemicals

6. Photographic color paper

7. Medical systems  

• X-ray films 

• Medical equipment

8. Cine color positive films


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