About the Company

The history of Igarashi Motors started in 1946 by Eiji Igarashi who established a private company in Kawasaki, for the production and sales of D.C. motors for toys and model ships. Since then, it has been developing and manufacturing small D.C. motors, for more than fifty years. In India the company was established in 1993 in a joint venture with Crompton Greaves for development, production and sales of DC motors, DC motors with accessory, and assembly service like end cap/case/armature.

To meet market needs, a holistic approach to the small DC motor is necessary. This requires a close involvement in everything from design and development of the parts to the production process.

They have been developing and manufacturing small DC motors for more than fifty years and have done pioneering work in product development, improvement and testing for the creation of new manufacturing technologies.

Their design/development/technical departments in Japan, China, and India will continue to dedicate to providing better technology and realizing the creation of highly efficient small DC motors.

Motors produced by Igarashi Motor Sales are designed in accordance with ISO 9002 regulations to ensure quality products with optimal functionality. Before, during, and after production, our motors are subject to intense quality controls and testing methods to ensure reliability. Design FMEA and Process FMEA are extensively used to secure efficiency and dependability.

Product range of the company includes:

  • DC Motors
  • Gear Motors
  • High Voltage Motors
  • Armatures

Achievements/ recognition:

  • Certification of ISO9001/TS16949.
  • Certification of ISO14001
Parent OrganizationIgarashi Motors India Ltd.Managing DirectorR Chandrasekaran
Founded1992NSE SymbolIGARASHI