About the Company

HBL Power Systems is the pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of specialized batteries and DC systems in India. It has more than 30 years of experience in the field of specialized batteries and DC power systems.

The company is the result of a merger between Hyderabad Batteries (1977) and SABNIFE Power Systems (1986). The company has its headquarters in Hyderabad, India with factories and sales offices in various parts of the country. HBL also has offices, distributors and agents all over the globe to cater to its ever-growing export business.

HBL is committed to improving global competitiveness by sharing knowledge, drive for innovation, growth, and investments in internationally benchmarked technology and niche products.

The company’s aim is to organize India's engineering talent into a globally competitive business, whether in manufacturing or in services.

Product Range:

  • Batteries - Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid, Lithium and Silver Zinc
  • Electronics - Railway Electronics, Defence Electronics and Thyristor control Rectifiers
  • Others - Anti Infra Red Coating


  • HBL Rail - HBLRAIL, a unit of HBL Power Systems Limited is associated with the Indian Railways for over 25 years and has been a regular and approved supplier of batteries, power systems and electronic signaling products. It is a one stop shop for all railway signaling needs, starting from design, equipment supply to complete turnkey works contracts.
  • HBL Microwave  - HBL Microwave is focused on defence electronics. Unlike batteries and railway products where almost all development was done in house, HBL has collaborated with companies abroad for most of its defence electronics products. Radar and Electronic warfare : Joint venture with ELTA, Israel.
  • HBL Batteries


  • HBL (UK)
  • HBL Power Systems (M) SDN BHD
  • Bhagirath Energy Systems (BES)


a) Nickel Cadmium :

  • Pocket Plate, Valve Regulated Pocket Plate, Fibre Plate - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IEC 60623 Certification (CSA), Bump Test, Vibration Test, Seismic Test, IEC 60623 Certification and OHSAS 18001 Certification
  • Sintered Plate - ISO 9001

b) Silver Zinc - ISO 9001

c) Lead Acid - VRLA Single Cells, VRLA Monoblocks, LMLA, VRLA GEL - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IEC 60896 Certification (CSA) for VRLA Single Cells , IEC 60896 and Certification (CSA) for Monoblocks

c) Lithium - ISO 9001

d) Electronics - Thyristor Control Rectifiers, DC-DC Convertors and Defence Chargers - ISO 9001.

In 2009 Hbl Power Systems sets up JV Company in Saudi Arabia to manufacture of Industrial Batteries.

Parent OrganizationHBL Power Systems Ltd.Managing DirectorAJ Prasad
Founded1986NSE SymbolHBLPOWER