About the Company

Harrisons Malayalam Limited (HML) is the most successful integrated agricultural operation in South India. One of the oldest - with a history that goes back over hundred and fifty years - it has been a pioneer in corporate farming and has, over this period, established and run plantations for Tea, Rubber, Cocoa, Coffee and a wide variety of Spices. Today the company cultivates thousands of hectare and processes produce from other farmlands in its neighborhood.

The company also produces smaller quantities of a variety of other exotic horticultural crops like Areca nut, Banana, Cardamom, Cocoa, Coffee, Coconut, Pepper and Vanilla as well as limited quantities of Organic tea and spices. The product range includes both CTC and Orthodox Tea, Rubber in concentrated rubber latex, crepe, block and sheet rubber forms. Fresh Pineapple is the other large produce.

As a dominant player in tea exports from South India over its entire history, a position that it maintains even today, the company is a source for quality teas for all the big names in the Tea industry in Europe. Being the industry leader in natural rubber production, HML is known for its high quality natural rubber in the local and export markets.

The company is part of RP-SG and RPG Enterprises one of the largest and well-respected industrial groups in India. The Group has interests in tyres, cables, power transmission, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, retail and consumer marketing, hotel and tourism, entertainment and agri-business.

Business area of the company

The company is principally engaged in plantations having tea and rubber estates in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Parent OrganizationHarrisons Malayalam Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1978NSE SymbolHARRMALAYA