About the Company

A group of entrepreneurs comprising two traders of long standing repute in the plating industry and a financer, joined hands together to form a young company in collaboration with Grauer & Weil of U. K., thus creating Grauer & Weil (India) (G&W) in 1957. 

In the next decade, the company grew in leaps and bounds supported by a very dynamic and fast growing economy in the Indian sub-continent, acquired and adopted newer technologies through its principals and other international associates, enlarging its product range vastly, for e.g. pre-treatment chemicals, basic chemicals used in electroplating industries, and also conventional equipments like filters, agitation units, tanks, exhaust, etc. Subsequently, the management of the company changed hands by virtue of which the control came to rest with a larger business house.

Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd., is one of the very few metal finishing houses the world over, capable of offering an integrated package of chemicals, plants, effluent treatment systems and waste recovery techniques from spent solutions - Truly a One-Stop-Shop for end-to-end solutions.

In association with its international partners like Langbein Pfanhauser Werke, Holmuler, Goema, Veratronics, Nippon Denro Shamrock., Serfilco, Sidasa and such other international renowned manufacturers, it soon established a position of undisputed leadership in India with many 'firsts' in the metal finishing industry, academically, as well as, in applied sciences. 

The company has since built an extremely strong team of very dedicated and capable group of people to cover virtually all the branches of metal finishing akin to decorative as well as industrial usage, substantially contributing to a fast growing technology in the Asian sub-continent. In the more recent times it has well adapted itself to the modern tools of the industrial world. 

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Product range of the company includes:
  • Chemicals - It manufacture, virtually the entire range of metal finishing chemicals, as well as all types of equipment and plating plants made to international specifications and supplied to exacting standards the world over.
  • Engineering- It offers a wide range of plating plants and equipments, from conventional stand-alone units, to fully automatic program controlled systems; integrated with effluent treatment, waste water recovery and re-circulation procedures. Be it for general plating, plating of printed circuit boards, continuous plating lines or pre-treatment/cleaning machines, our production programs can meet all your needs for surface treatment.
  • Lubricants

Parent OrganizationGrauer & Weil (India) Ltd.Managing DirectorNirajkumar More
Founded1957NSE SymbolGRAUWEIL