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GKW Limited (formerly Guest Keen Williams Limited) was a subsidiary of the UK-based engineering giant GKN plc. for well over 60 years. In 1994, GKN plc divested its stake in GKW Limited. GKW is now a part of a large industrial group.

The products manufactured by the company include, high speed steels, tool and alloy steels, valve steels, sheet metal stampings/pressings and sub-assemblies

GKW has its registered office in Kolkata and is a large professionally managed multi-product, multi-division, multi-locational engineering company catering to a wide customer base in diverse segments of the industry. The company’s annual turnover is $ 14 million.

The major end use sectors serviced by GKW include automotive, electrical, electronic and general engineering industries.

A research and development laboratory at Bhandup in Mumbai caters to product innovations, process and product improvements and renders technical services to customers.

Each of the factories holds ISO 9000 certification and is equipped with separate inspection and quality control departments.

GKW has a network of sales outlets and retail centres in major cities of India. To support the overseas marketing of its wide range of engineering products GKW has a wholly owned subsidiary GKW (Overseas Trading). High Speed Steels, Tool, Alloy Steels, Valve Steels and Powder Metallurgy Steels are manufactured by the company in its Powmex Steels Division, located at Titilagarh, in Bolangir district in the state of Orissa.

The company has been servicing the Indian automobile, white goods and engineering industries with sheet metal components and sub assemblies for more than five decades.It has two factories – one located at Bhandup, Mumbai and the other at Pimpale Jagtap, which is 40 kms from Pune.

The company has also been regular supplier of press tools, jigs, fixtures to the automotive, white goods, electrical, electronics and general engineering industries in India and abroad from its plant located at Bhandup, Mumbai.

GKW has manufactured tools for General Motors India for their car project and has successfully completed supply of dies (upto 10T capacity) valued over $1 million to General Motors, Buana Indonesia for their LCV project.

Apart from this the company is a pioneer in manufacture of electrical stampings and laminations for the electrical and electronics industries in India with half a century of experience in this field. The activities are supported by fully equipped modern tool room with machine tools like jig boring, jig grinding, wire cut, heavy duty surface grinding and skilled and trained manpower.

The R&D laboratory located in the same premises is recognised by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. It works on product innovation, process and product improvement, and supports commercial activities by giving design and technical support to our numerous customers in small, medium and large sectors of the industry. Almost all electrical and electronic equipment manufactures in India are our esteemed customers.


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