About the Company

Excel Industries is engaged in manufacturing of Agrochemical intermediates, phosphates, speciality chemicals, biocides and pharma products.

Incorporated in 1960, the company’s manufacturing units are located at Maharashtra and Gujarat. Excel Industries' manufacturing facilities have received ISO 14001 and IS 18001 certifications for its quality management.

The company is engaged in conducts research and development activities for creating several custom-made products for meeting specific customer requirements.

It also focuses on waste management area, where it has taken initiative to convert Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into Organic Soil Conditioner (enricher).

The company owns a subsidiary namely Kamaljyot Investments.

Excel Industries has mastered in technologies and processes namely Bromination, Chlorination, Acetylation, Diels Alder Reaction, Hydrogenation, Phosphorylation and Cyclisations.


Agrochemical intermediates- Under this, the company manufactures a range of Phosphorus Derivatives like Phosphorous Pentasulphide, Phosphorous Trichloride, Diethylthiophosphoryl Chloride and many more. These derivatives are used in manufacturing of Organophosphorous pesticides, lube oil additives, mining chemicals, pharmaceutical, dye intermediates and fire retardant plasticizers.

Phosphates- Under this, it manufactures range of Codex, Sequacel and Dispercel. These products have applications in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, soaps and detergents, textile processing, bottle washing, industrial and institutional cleaners, deflocculation of slurries, antiscalant formulations for oilfields, sea water evaporators, reverse osmosis & sugar processing.

Speciality Chemicals- Under this, Excel Industries has developed speciality chemicals such as SPA, PPPBP, PEEB, DTPs, PPA, THPE, DMBPC, NICOTINIC and ESTER. These chemicals find application in ion extraction, chelation, polymer manufacture, as an additive in paper industry and as corrosion scale inhibitor.

Biocides- The company produces BIOCEL SP 85 and ACEXCEL-240. It is used as an industrial fungicide in Textiles, Paints, Guargum, Adhesives and Paper-Pulp industries and as a Slimicide and Algaecide in Cooling Water Systems.

Pharma Products- The company produces products such as TPP, DMATA.HCL, NI4, DMT-T, DMT-CI, 2-DOR and MOEBr.

Awards/ Milestones

2012 Inauguration of Pharma facility at Lote for production of advanced pharma intermediates and APIs.
ICC (Indian Chemical Council) Lifetime Achievement Award for Mr. Ashwin Shroff (Chairman, Excel Industries Ltd.)

In 2009 Environment and Biotech Division of Excel bagged an order for technology licensing and Project Management Consultancy services for setting up a 350 TPD capacity solid waste processing plant in Mauritius

Excel Industries has received Certificate of Excellence from Bayer Crop Sciences in the year 2007

It was awarded second prize for Energy Conservation and Management from Indian Chemical Council.


Parent OrganizationExcel Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorRavi A Shroff
Founded1960NSE SymbolEXCELINDUS