About the Company

The company was initially incorporated under the name ‘Five Star Mercantile Private Limited’ on August 6, 2007. On January 3, 2012, the company got converted into Public Limited and was named as ‘Five Star Mercantile Limited’. Subsequently, on August 2, 2012 its name was changed to ‘Integra Garments and Textiles Limited’.

Business area of the company:

The company specializes in woven tops made out of 100% cotton. The company offers an extensive range of fabrics in 100% cotton in yarn dyed, piece dyed and prints. Its manufacturing capability extends from handling basic woven shirts for men to, a complicated embellished dress for Women. It also has a dedicated production facility for making high end dress shirts. It also offers value added products like a wide range of washes, embroidery and panel prints using various techniques.

Parent OrganizationIntegra Essentia Ltd.Managing DirectorVishesh Gupta
Founded2007NSE SymbolESSENTIA