About the Company

Emami Paper is a part of Emami Group which possesses diverse business interests in FMCG, edible oil, paper, writing instruments, healthcare, retail departmental stores and real estate. It manufactures newsprint from waste paper, which is not just environment-friendly but will increasingly insulate the Company from a growing scarcity in virgin fibre, a major concern among India's paper players. There is a relatively lower need to invest significantly in countering effluent discharges, making the business profitable and sustainable.

It has invested reasonably for environmental protection for the waste-paper based industry, making the business profitable as well as sustainable. As a result, even at a nil rate of customs duty on newsprint Emami Paper will be able to thrive amidst international and national competition, leading to profitably sustainable growth over the coming years.

Business area of the company:

The Company specializes in the manufacture of newsprint, writing and printing paper and Multilayer Coated Board. Emami Paper enjoys the position of being the largest manufacturer of Newsprint in India, and the only manufacturer in Eastern India and manufacturer of Multi Layer Coated Board.

Group Company:

Emami Paper is a part of Emami Group.


  • Writing and printing paper
  •  Newsprint
Parent OrganizationEmami Paper Mills Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1981NSE SymbolEMAMIPAP