About the Company

The company was incorporated as Prataap Snacks Private Limited on March 23, 2009 at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. Pursuant to a special resolution passed by its Shareholders on September 9, 2016, the company was converted into a public limited company and the name was changed to Prataap Snacks Limited and a fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon change of name was issued on September 19, 2016 by the Registrar of Companies, Madhya Pradesh at Gwalior (RoC).

 The company’s products in the Extruded Snacks category are primarily targeted at the youth and children while its Potato Chips and Namkeen category of snacks are for all consumer segments. Its diversified product portfolio is therefore, relatively less susceptible to shifts in consumer preferences, market trends and risks of operating in a particular product segment.

Its brand philosophy emphasises delivery of maximum value to consumers, as reflected by the regular introduction of new flavours, relatively high per pack weight to volume ratio for its products, and inclusion of promotional items such as toys. The company has set up a pan-India distribution network supported by strategically located manufacturing facilities. Its wide network of super stockists and distributors is supported by its large team of sales representatives and arrangements with various modern retail outlets.

Business area of the company

Prataap Snacks is Indore-based Indian Snack Food Company. It sells products under the brand name ‘Yellow Diamond’. The company is among the top 6 Indian organized snack market. It has a diversified product portfolio including traditional and western snacks.

Major events and milestones of the company

  • 2002: Incorporation of Prakash Snacks Private Limited.
  • 2004: Prakash Snacks set up a plant to manufacture potato chips in Indore.
  • 2006: Prakash Snacks installed a plant to manufacture chulbule in Indore.
  • 2009: Incorporation of the company.
  • 2010: The plant at Indore for manufacturing extruded snacks received ISO 22000:2005 certification.
  • 2011: Incorporation of its wholly owned subsidiary Pure N Sure Food Bites Private Limited.
  • 2011: The company, by way of slump sale, took over the business of Prakash Snacks.
  • 2011: The company acquired the brand Yellow Diamond from Prakash Snacks.
  • 2011: The company commissioned plants to manufacture rings and namkeen in Indore.
  • 2011: Investment by Sequoia in the company aggregating to Rs 620 million.
  • 2012: The company set up a new plant to manufacture potato chips in Indore.
  • 2012: Investment by Sequoia in the company aggregating to Rs 120 million.
  • 2013: Investment by Sequoia in the company aggregating to Rs 300 million.
  • 2014: The company commissioned a plant to manufacture rings, chulbule and pellets at Guwahati.
  • 2014: Investment by Sequoia in the company aggregating to Rs 250 million.
  • 2015: The company increased the capacity of chulbule and rings manufacturing plants in Indore.
  • 2016: The company has commissioned a new plant to manufacture rings at Guwahati.
  • 2016: The plants at Indore for manufacturing potato chips and namkeen received ISO 22000:2005 certification.
  • 2016: Conversion of the company into a public limited company and change of name toPrataap Snacks Limited.
  • 2017: The company has undertaken a Pre-IPO Placement of 533,000 Equity Shares for cash consideration amounting to Rs 500 million.
Parent OrganizationPrataap Snacks Ltd.Managing DirectorAmit Kumat
Founded2009NSE SymbolDIAMONDYD