About the Company

Dhampur Sugar Mills incorporated in 1933 is engaged in manufacturing sugar, ethanol, chemicals and plantation white sugar. The company is managed by Chairman Mr.V.K.Goel.

In 1933, the company started with a production capacity of 300 TCD. Today the Dhampur Group has a combined capacity of 39,500 TCD. Company also operates captive power plant of 125 MV capacity.

Company’s R&D facility has successfully introduced various technologies namely Fibrizors, Pressure Feeders, Fiber based single tandem, Pressure Evaporation System with Falling Film Type Evaporator Bodies, Vertical Continuous Pans etc.

Dhampur Sugar is the first and the largest manufacturer of refined sulphurless sugar in the India. Company’s captive power generation capacity is amongst the largest in India.

It has also emerged as the highest ethanol manufacturing capacity relative to its cane crushing capacity, in the country.

Company’s manufacturing facilities are located at Dhampur, Mansurpur, Asmoli and Rajpura, all in Uttar Pradesh.

In 2010, Dhampur Sugar Mills acquired Dhampur Sugar Distillery Private Limited. DSDPL become the wholly owned subsidiary company.


Sugar- Being pioneer in manufacturing of Sulphurless Refined Sugar, the company uses Defeco Remelt Process in which the sugar, after it has crystallized, is melted all over again and all the impurities are removed without the use of sulphur. The company also manufactures Mill White Sugar.

Ethanol- Ethanol is a product that is generated from sugarcane molasses and juice, prepared by fermentation and distillation processes. Currently company produces 5% ethanol blend. It has a manufacturing capacity of 270 KL per Day.

Chemicals- Company produces chemicals with manufacturing capacity such as Industrial Alcohol (170 KL/day), Extra Neutral Alcohol (60 KL/day), Carbon Dioxide (20 MT/day), Acetaldehyde (50 MT/day), Acetic Acid (35 MT/day), Acetic Anhydride (15 MT/day) and Ethyl Acetate (55 MT/day).

Parent OrganizationDhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.Managing DirectorGaurav Goel
Founded1933NSE SymbolDHAMPURSUG