About the Company

Cosmo Films was started in 1981 to manufacture Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP) for the first time in India. The company is promoted by its visionary leader Ashok Jaipuria and is a pioneer of BOPP manufacturing in India.

The company is engaged in the production of Wet Laminating, Printing and Pouching, Label Films, Soap Wrap Films, Over Wrap Films, Tape & Textile and Thermal Laminating Film for Graphic Finishing.

Since inception Cosmo has maintained market leadership in both the domestic and export market. Cosmo Films believe in constant growth and innovation and hence had taken strategic decision of expanding its current capacities to compete successfully in the global market. This strategy will help in increasing its global presence while contributing to overall margins and benefiting its shareholders & stakeholders. This is reflected through its association with leading FMCG Brands worldwide for providing them with cost-effective innovative packaging solutions to enhance their value.  Its current capacity is 56,000 MT per annum, and 22,000 MT of Thermal lamination film.

The company has acquired a PVDC and Acrylic coating plant from France and has started making inroads in the high barrier packaging material as well as coated Label segments. the R & D of Cosmo is committed to adapt, modify and develop the product to fulfill customer's requirements and needs in time. The R & D center is thoroughly equipped with MVTR, OTR, FTIR machines apart from various other testing equipments

During a survey conducted by 'FORBES' in 2003 Cosmo was recognized as one of the best 200 companies out of 19000 listed companies with revenue of less than 1 Billion US$ outside US.

Product range

  • Wet Laminating-15 PCT-1 (R/P), 18 PCT-2 (S/S)- It is a co-extruded, plain and one or both side treated Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film.
  • Printing & Pouching –18 HST-1(P/P)and 20 HST-1 (P/P) both are co-extruded, both side heat sealable and one side treated Bi-axially Oriented polypropylene fil.
  • Label Films-38 PCT-1 (LB) and 40 PCT-1 (LB)- is a co-extruded, plain and one side corona treated Bi-axially oriented polypropylene film.
  • Soap Wrap Films-18 HST-1 (GR-II)   It is a Co-extruded, both side heat sealable,one side surface modified and other side treated Bi-axially Oriented polypropylene film.
  • Over Wrap Films-18 HST-0 (HS) and 20 HST-0 (HS) which is a co-extruded, both side heat sealable and untreated Bi-axially oriented Polypropylene film.
  • Tape & Textile-23 PCT-1 and 29 PCT-1- It is a co-extruded, plain, one side treated Bi-axially Oriented polypropylens film.
  • Thermal Laminating Film for Graphic Finishing -24 PCT-2 (DL) and 27 PCT-2 (MDL)  It is a Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film, uniformly extrusion coated with adhesive all along the film surface,which enables lamination by heat and pressure with paper products.
  • Selected Value added Films-36 C1008 and 51 C1008- both are one side acryilc and other side PVDC coated white opaque cavitated Bi-axially oriented polypropylene film.


  • SA-8000:2001 (Registration Certificate) PFFCASTAR 2008 Awarded to Cosmo Films Ltd.
  • Recognition of Excellence for Print Receptive Coated Clear and White Opaque Label films in the Category of Product Development (Basic Substrate) Presented at Mumbai on 20th November 2008.
  • 2007-08- Dun and Bradstreet Top Exporter Award (2007-08) for the highest Export in Chemicals and Plastics Category by Dun & Bradstreet.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 - ( Registration Certificate) The Quality Management System of Cosmo Films Ltd has been assessed & found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000 The Quality management System is applicable to design ,development, manufacturing of BOPP films by biaxial orientation process & its marketing for various applications.
  • ISO 14001 - (Registration Certificate) The Management Systems of Cosmo Films Ltd. have been assessed by International Certification Ltd and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, duly recognize our center as a premier research laboratory. This is the only center of this nature in the entire Indian BOPP film industry.
  • ISO 9001 certified- Joins the elite group of few BOPP film manufacturers in the world.
  • 1998-99: Best BOPP film exporter by Plexconcil. Certificate of export recognition by Government of Maharashtra
  • 1998-Highly Recommended' recognition by Montell for innovative product development
  • 1995- Award for best in house R&D efforts from Government of India.
  • 1994- Excellence in packaging from Indian Institute of Packaging.
  • Got accredited with American Institute of Baking (AIB) Certification for Safety and Hygiene of Food related products.
  • Got best BOPP Exporter award for 1998-99, 1999-2000, and 2000-2001.
  • Cosmo Films Listed in top 19 Indian companies by ‘Forbes Magazine’.
  • Awarded in Recognition of Excellence for Extrusion Coatable BOPP Film by Paper, Film & Foil converters’ Association.
  • 2009 - Acquisition of GBC’s Commercial Print Finishing Business from ACCO Brands Corporation, USA.; Commissioned 8th production line at Karjan.
  • 2011 - Set up a new manufacturing plant in South Korea in November 2011.
  • 2013 - Start up of Shendra Plant in SEZ with BOPP & thermal manufacturing facilities.
Parent OrganizationCosmo First Ltd.Managing DirectorAshok Jaipuria
Founded1976NSE SymbolCOSMOFIRST