About the Company

BC Power Controls was incorporated on June 12, 2008 to manufacture and trade cables. Over the years they have been expanding their product range and have added variety of cables in their product range. The company moved up the value chain by identifying new opportunities and diversifying the product portfolio.

The company is an established player in the Wire & Cable Industry among the largest Wire & Cable manufactures in India having more than five years of rich experience of the International Industry. Over the period of last five years the company has established their reputation and reliability in various markets in India as well as abroad. The company, based on their experience and standard, confirms to major specifications and customer requirements and accordingly manufacture the products which provide them the value addition and technical edge.

Earlier to 2010, the company used to purchase Copper and Aluminium Wires from the outsider to manufacture their final products, however in year 2010 the company made the backwards integration installing the Copper and Aluminium wire drawing facility which, in turn, added value to the organization in terms economies of scale and production of Copper and Aluminium wires in their accordance.

Business area of the company:

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of Wires & Cables which include Armoured Cable, Unarmoured Cable, Flexible & House Wires, Submersible Cable, Control & Instrumentation Cable. 

Parent OrganizationB.C. Power Controls Ltd.Managing DirectorChander Shekhar Jain
Founded2008NSE SymbolBCP