About the Company

Anupam Rasayan India is one of the leading companies engaged in the custom synthesis and manufacturing of specialty chemicals in India. It commenced business as a partnership firm in 1984 as a manufacturer of conventional products and has, over the years, evolved into custom synthesis and manufacturing of life science related specialty chemicals and other specialty chemicals, which involve multi-step synthesis and complex technologies, for a diverse base of Indian and global customers. Its key focus in its custom synthesis and manufacturing operations is developing in-house innovative processes for manufacturing products requiring complex chemistries and achieving cost optimization.

Business area of the company

The company has two distinct business verticals (i) life science related specialty chemicals comprising products related to agrochemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals, and (ii) other specialty chemicals, comprising specialty pigment and dyes, and polymer additives.

Awards and Accreditations

  • 2016: Awarded ‘Green Innovation Award’ by Corning Reactor Technology for the year 2015.

Major events and milestones

  • 1984: The company was initially formed as a partnership firm as ‘Anupam Rasayan’ to commence the business of manufacture and sale of chemicals.
  • 2003: The partnership firm was converted into a joint stock company and was registered as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1956 under the name of ‘Anupam Rasayan India Limited’.
  • 2010: Started supplying specialty chemicals to Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in Singapore.
  • 2014; Purchased the entire lease hold rights over the property and manufacturing facility at Jhagadia, Gujarat from Krishna Solvechem pursuant to a Deed of Conveyance  dated August 13, 2014 and an Asset Transfer Agreement dated May 16, 2014 respectively.
  • 2015: Received consent to establish for setting up industrial plant at Jhagadia Unit-5 from GPCB.
  • 2016: KPI LLC made its first tranche of investment in company.
  • 2017: Commenced supply of speciality chemicals to Sumitomo Chemical Company in Japan.
  • 2018: KPI LLC invested $35 million as an external commercial borrowing in company.
  • 2019: Received consolidated consents and authorisation for Jhagadia Unit - 5 and Sachin Unit-6, both from GPCB.
  • 2020: Received consolidated consent and authorisation for the research and development centre on Sachin Unit-6 from GPCB.
Parent OrganizationAnupam Rasayan India Ltd.Managing DirectorAnand Desai
Founded2003NSE SymbolANURAS